Top 100 Raps on RapPad in 2020

Everybody's Stopping
B+116 props Recorded
Everybody's stopping
I got them watching locking eyes 'n everybody talking
I've got them flocking all around me should I spit like Hopsin?
This ain't an option let's all clock in 'n I'll start a mosh pit
... and 67 more lines
by Silvershine
about 1 month ago 
rolling stones
C+88 props Recorded
Lockjaw in the bathroom stall
100 volt tazer feel like I’m might run straight through the wall yeah
1:51 a.m last call
Met a stranger last year told me I could have it all woah
... and 51 more lines
by Kro
13 days ago 
The Cypher Ft 6Kill, Goatz, LyricLee, Electro_Magnetik By StormTheArsonist
A-81 props 
StormTheArsonist verse
I got two middle fingers for all ya coming after me
attack me, and your goals all become a travesty
I do lifts with amateurs like they have zero gravity
... and 80 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
24 days ago 
My Ascension (Dear God Remix)
B78 props 
Why is it that when i pray for life to go right for me...
that it never does...
... and 73 more lines
by BZ23
about 1 month ago 
Stand Up By StormTheArsonist
B75 props 
:20 first verse
My past was full of bullying and harassment
being picked on daily was a embarrassment
one can say I was born special with a mark on my temple
... and 47 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
about 1 month ago 
Lost of Love Ft. StormTheArsonist & Bellvadear
B75 props 
//Verse 1//(StormTheArsonist)
I've found myself trying to sort my differences in self support,
exhausted feeling at fault and blaming the man on the cross
i'm done with these countless thoughts of sorrow, this pain I've fought
... and 83 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
about 1 month ago 
We're here Ft Kaze & PsychoPuppet By StormTheArsonist
B+73 props 
0:22 StormTheArsonist verse begins
StormTheArsonist Verse:
Who's changing the temperature in the air before he goes up?
walking around with his nose up, comes out of no where and blows up,
... and 58 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
about 1 month ago 
The Ketamind Freestyle Ft.Migizi (Demo)
72 props Recorded
[Call me carti 'cause you know I'm finna die lit.](Carti has an album call die lit, which is a homonym for dilate)
Dilated pupils dryin' up behind my eyelid.
You a player? that’s funny.
... and 57 more lines
by noncents
29 days ago 
Devils Game Prod by Anno Domini
A-64 props Recorded
To much raw emotion to contain and no one's to blame I chose this lane
Vicous is this game that no player can tame everyone's plottin'
To be on some robbin' an mobbin it's how the scene has gotten
What the fucks these fiends problems it happened unforeseen
... and 21 more lines
by DiamonD-D-EZ
about 1 month ago 
1 AM remix (feat. M-Savage)
B-62 props Recorded
You know the names Apollo and I'm up next
The path I gotta go to be a star is a trek
I'm torying different lanez like my name is daystar
You talk about guns I got homies with a rs
... and 18 more lines
by NextApollo
about 1 month ago 
We're Going To Ft. BZ23
B59 props 
Intro- H4z4rd, BZ23
Hey Man You Wanna Go on a killing Spree
BZ23: Sure
H4z4rd: Alright lets go
... and 59 more lines
by H4z4rd
12 days ago 
Kidd Kenny - Remember You (ft. GVGE & AViT)
B-58 props Recorded
[Kidd Kenny: Verse]
There's a party inside of the city
Was in love before we were friends
Asked if you were gonna go miss me
... and 72 more lines
by AViT
11 days ago 
A58 props 
// Neo-Arno - Starts at 0:21/0:22
I came out the vessel asking what's happening
And the answer was... not as I imagined it
Stopping me from crying there was no medicine
... and 34 more lines
by Neo-Arno
19 days ago 
if you stopped and smelled the roses
B+56 props Recorded
If you stopped and smelled the roses
You wouldn't feel like this
Cause everybody knows just how real life gets
Come home
... and 42 more lines
by Plazebo
6 days ago 
I Dont Fuck With Parties
A-56 props Recorded
Feeling like a dark moon
niggas staying up for a round 2
I be up for a round 3
looking for that new surprise me
... and 38 more lines
by user426315617
19 days ago 
B+55 props
South side of Plilly, it is just like heaven
Anything you want, twenty-four seven
We may not know much about the fine arts
But we got bennies, black beauties, crosses, and hearts
... and 48 more lines
by 10K-Law
about 1 month ago 
My Temperament
B54 props 
* Starts at 24 *
Verse 1- H4z4rd
I spit metallic rhymes which are bars that I hit out of line
I do it for meaning
... and 51 more lines
by H4z4rd
11 days ago 
Bring The Fire [ DateMasamune Diss ]
B+54 props 
Verse- H4z4rd
Awe does little Micheal Myers need the pliers to rip his lines off his stack of flyers
or does he need Tricksterz clip to say that he the abyss is a bitch
he's a fake ringer Imma put him through the WRINGER to shut his Zipper
... and 34 more lines
by H4z4rd
about 1 month ago 
Game - Ryno
B+53 props Recorded
Stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
'Cause I've been stuck inside this
... and 56 more lines
by Rynoofficial
about 1 month ago 
SSBH(Sad stories of broken hearts) Ft. Kaze
B52 props 
//Verse 1//(Kaze)
Many people don't understand the pain that is flowing in my veins
Every single fucking day, time passes by but still memories of you appear
While walking down the cold street, I'm falling into the darkness begging
... and 29 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
about 2 months ago 
Yes (Remix)
B-51 props Recorded
Ass up face down
Fake smiles
In their profiles
Had to relocate now
... and 56 more lines
by Akillo
about 2 months ago 
War Face By StormTheArsonist Ft AME, and CROC
B+50 props 
AME verse
Here we go again, I thought we covered this topic
This is your cue to jump back in the pocket
You don't want this scratch, I'm solid, stop it
... and 60 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
3 days ago 
C+50 props
props for follows
follows for props
You know,
... and 115 more lines
by Majorgamer21
21 days ago 
Dont melt the Ice
B49 props 
//start at 00:13
You're on that prehistoric shit
So let me speed you up to date like the meteor and
now, we got fresh meat or
... and 47 more lines
by Young_Shady
19 days ago 
My valentines day
B-48 props 
Yeah, I don't know why
([what the fuck is wrong with these hoes, man](yes I know this is from Eminem's normal))
I always get used and abused
... and 98 more lines
by Young_Shady
14 days ago 
Last Words
B48 props Recorded
talk about what I wanna be about cause I never really get a better feeling
giving everyone a reason to be someone that I never figured out,
but I’m living like a really got a reason,
... and 34 more lines
by MoonRxks
29 days ago 
Princess Leia FEAT. TheSaturnian
A+47 props 
//HOOK 0:26
Ay, before you leave... let's make a song,
I thought about you all night long,
Please don't leave me darlin', please don't leave me darlin'.
... and 71 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
Kill Bill (recorded)
A+46 props Recorded
My mood is morbid, my views are viewed as bullshit
skewed distorted, Like the news reported
I forfeit before the Lord this morning
And I'm mourning more things, regrets and offspring
... and 18 more lines
by JasonDoorstam
7 days ago 
B46 props Recorded
Baby demon call me diablo
constant frontin' up my cheddar like I'm pacquiao
no capping, single clapping bitches when they lock the door
... and 57 more lines
by Tixg
about 2 months ago 
Hostage Situation, Pt. 2
B45 props Recorded
As a visionary, you're seen as quite the opposite
People think you're crazy, like your mind is lost a bit
I mean, what's so bad about me binding hostages?
By their wrist so tight they give up trying to get out of it
... and 141 more lines
by Verax_
10 days ago 
I Still Remember
B-45 props 
I Still Remember all the times
Even we had a lot of vibes
... and 69 more lines
by DJMike
about 2 months ago 
"Doubts" snippet
A-44 props 
Get in my way you'll regret it/
I don't play by rules, I set 'em/
Do my best, that's what's expected/
... and 19 more lines
by Westown
about 1 month ago 
Set of Minds
B+43 props 
//Verse 1: 0:13 - 2018 VeliK
I've always been believin that my raps were never decent,
thx to this entire legion of heathens all leechin,
off of my dream of meeting lyrical demi-gods,
... and 51 more lines
by VeliK
about 2 months ago 
Dj ACVD - Wasted ft SmerdiS
B-40 props Recorded
This is some distorted music broski deal with it
then i load my clip and i shoot you in your face
tell em them they can come around if they want a lil taste
way too lost hoe no you can't be Saved
... and 18 more lines
about 1 month ago 
Wolf at my door-:((
B+39 props 
Feed me to the wolves, Leave me on my own,
Tell me that you love me even though I know you don't,
Tell me that you care even though your never there,
All the feelings and attraction seemed to disappear,
... and 25 more lines
by SaDbOyTrAdGiC
11 days ago 
Never Getting Better
A39 props 
Dear god will i ever overcome this mental pain bottled from the past/
Will anybody understand my pain i experienced when my life crashed/
seem attached to my past events not even simple goals i've surpassed/
... and 24 more lines
by Kazoku
30 days ago 
Next Chapter
39 props Recorded
by BaconWraps
about 1 month ago 
Caesar's Sons FEAT. Atreus BadGuyDanny UntitledArtist
B39 props 
//Electro_Magnetik 0:19
I'da lost a couple homies,
not grieving but reminiscing, obviously,
saw a homie wit' blood painted upon his door,
... and 80 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
cryforhelp (prod. Jody)
37 props Recorded
help me
... and 27 more lines
by fux
28 days ago 
B37 props Recorded
Depth is dead, so fuck all ya’ll spotify
Lemme tell ya 50 reasons why I wanna die
All your fucking shit is number one through forty nine
And listening to you is fuckin every other time
... and 52 more lines
by attacottijones
about 2 months ago 
Bad Meets Evil Remix
B+36 props
I reckon you ain't familiar with these here parts
You know, there's a story behind that there Record Studio
Twenty years ago, two rappers ticked the whole world off
... and 89 more lines
by Young_Shady
18 days ago 
36 props Recorded
T-minus 15 seconds
Our hearts our pounding, deep adrenal surges
T-minus 10 seconds, go for main engine start
... and 71 more lines
by Trusc
about 2 months ago 
35 props Recorded
Lately I been so fucking zoned out
That I feel like a stranger in my own fucking house
I'm thinking I might've finally lucked out
But the problem is I got no chance to bug out
... and 34 more lines
by Croc
4 days ago 
The GOAT Rappers FEAT. Atreus, NorStar, StormTheArsonist,
B+35 props 
Snort Coke makin me a [White Magician](YuGi Oh Card)[1212](Miccheck) Imma Mic Technician,
Onna Mission killin competion havin these [zombies draggin,](Zombie Dragon another Yugi oh card)
My shots body baggin Don't wine when I hold spirits like a Flagon,
I got my Jargon I keep [chips](Poker Chips) call me [Doritos the Banker](the person responsible for distributing chips also called a house)
... and 94 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
6 days ago 
Seduce Me
35 props Recorded
[][][] Intro [][][]
Feelings on Standy
... and 55 more lines
by Jesse_Fishman
26 days ago 
A-35 props
(Chorus 8.0)
Smokin' that dope, Why can't I cope? Feeling depressed I'm always alone,
Check on my phone I'm always a ghost, Feeling dead just might overdose,
I ain't got friends, Whoever hits me up only wanna hang on the weekends,
... and 24 more lines
by SaDbOyTrAdGiC
about 1 month ago 
Faces Lacking Cosmetics
A34 props 
//EL 0:17
You a cutie, what you drinking?
I love your beauty, despite your complexion
with you I feel our connection and affection,
... and 33 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
18 days ago 
Princess Leia II FT. TheSaturnian
A-34 props 
//HOOK 0:36
[The solar...system...](I attempted to use RapPad as a metaphor for the solar system, since Sat left RP, it's incomplete without her.) in...
my're the person I yearn,
The solar...system... incomplete without Saturn,
... and 80 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
Hold Me
B+34 props Recorded
I was really hoping that we could have something
Thought about our future but didn't see it coming
You'll be living with another family and your kids happily jumping
Numbing the pain I can't be running away from and
... and 29 more lines
by Lesslee
about 1 month ago 
A34 props Recorded
Imma work the middle like Aaliyah
While doing straight shots of Tequila
Clingy butterface, crazy like Mileena
... and 54 more lines
by Nishi
about 2 months ago 
Anti Protag(Antagonistic diss aka Catylix-Collateral diss)
B34 props 
Come get me
Mothafucka, if you want this beef
If Trap wasn't here now
... and 110 more lines
by Young_Shady
about 2 months ago 
orange soda prod. [dko]
A-34 props Recorded
Give me a reason not to be stressed/
I know more is incoming but I need less/
Yes I got God in my corner Imma stay blessed/
I love the Bay too much so Imma stay west/
... and 18 more lines
by Knb
about 1 month ago 
Diamond-D-D-Elusional (BYOB)
B+33 props Recorded
I shouldn't waste time with this loser, acting like he's a shooter.
Spits lies in the booth, right through his tooth until he dies as a loser.
I mean what kind of "battle rapper" get's bodied by a producer?
That's [Nonsense/Noncents]
... and 37 more lines
by Migizi
20 days ago 
B-33 props 
I idolized you ever since I was in high school
And started playing basketball since as I saw you
From the television screen or even in person
Dunking on some dudes making them their burden
... and 28 more lines
by SimpleSly
30 days ago 
The sands of the dammed
A+33 props Recorded
My hourglass of damnation destroys  generations of time when your sand runs dry I'm turning the pages of Fantasia there's no evading the ...
by slayerd6o6g6
about 1 month ago 
Forgive me (Feat. StormTheArsonist, Atreus & PsychoPuppet) Prod. Fratricide
B32 props 
//Verse 1//(StormTheArsonist)
Times are changing, the distance seems to be further now
those days of thinking how are over now.
but anyhow, I guess that's how life is now.
... and 82 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
3 days ago 
Woe Is Me Poetry (Prod. Syndrome)
B-32 props Recorded
What are you left with when your world crashes?
What's your honest reply when you girl asks if
You love her or not
Do you struggle with thought
... and 71 more lines
by jofshmo
25 days ago 
Wrote This While Smokin' (FEAT. Kaze45)
B+32 props 
//Kaze45 0:31
It's like being stuck inside a cell and you can't get out,
The pain eats my soul out while I'm falling into this dark pit,
People telling me that everything is gonna be okay that I should move on,
... and 29 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
27 days ago 
VENDETTA FEAT. 6Kill Christian Lanes
B+32 props 
//6KIll 0:21
Get back, gotta get back atcha,
Tossed it at me first, now get back, catcher,
You wanted smoke, well here’s a pack, slacker,
... and 57 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
My memorabilia Ft PsychoPuppet & NeoArno
B32 props 
//verse 1//(PsychoPuppet
Turn the key and walk in through the door
Into the home that once was where I ain’t live anymore
My memorabilia of memories piled up high
... and 47 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
about 1 month ago 
A-32 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
All of these bitches distressed
I'm tryna run up a check
Diamonds dripping they wet
... and 40 more lines
by Jito
about 2 months ago 
B31 props Recorded
I'm trying to learn just to take the shot
bulls eye but I bank on pot
so my aim is off, visions distorted
impending doom, zoom by in a brain mental fortress
... and 31 more lines
by 247
29 days ago 
A-30 props 
//Electro_Magnetik 0:10
Yah, legs out, I don't like your self doubt,
I don't like your attitude,
you look ugly in jumpsuits,
... and 64 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
C+30 props
Sanity is overrated
i'd much rather be hated,
and crazy instead
of loved and normal in the head
... and 86 more lines
by Social_outcast
about 1 month ago 
Awesome Wordplay Raps
A-30 props
I practice the art of facts, my raps are perfect artifacts,
that dissects you insects in a process that's grotesque,
I'm the best of the literature intellects and rap architects,
for a lot of people, my raps are complex concepts, true and arty facts.
... and 15 more lines
by Ashedonia
about 1 month ago 
“Guilty conscious”
B30 props Recorded
I get this guilty conscious
Attacking me Obsessing over perfect nonsense,
Got a problem,
... and 76 more lines
by Nile
about 1 month ago 
B+30 props Recorded
Im eating fish yeah ima shark/
take them bodies to the park/
leave these niggas in the dark/
ima bite aint no bark/ x2
... and 35 more lines
by SavXge
about 2 months ago 
Coochie Monster
B29 props 
Heard you on every wall fishing for votes
So i brought you this fishnet and gon fill it with Quotes
3 bars and still a longway, dick longer, mind checking this hose?
A Nile alligator in a cage, damage need a fund me page, allegations says Atta the cause
... and 29 more lines
by AttaDaMecca
4 days ago 
A-29 props 
Guess its Pap'
I be perfecting my craft, You perfecting as rat
... and 34 more lines
by Pap
13 days ago 
Same Way (ft. Lexi)
B+29 props Recorded
It ain't like I'm trying to say ya brainwashed
But I've been scrubbing these stains off
You've been feeling me from & baby, nothing was changed
Now I'm healing you in the heart cause you're accustom to pain
... and 52 more lines
by ClydeCyrus
14 days ago 
29 props Recorded
I’m fucking sick, I’m fucking sick
I’m sick of all these fucking bitches fucking up my shit
I’m fucking sick, I’m fucking sick
I’m sick of all these fucking bitches fucking up my shit
... and 52 more lines
by attacottijones
about 2 months ago 
Lost Boys (collab, old scrapped verse)
A+29 props 
I'm just a lost boy, with the flow of Leo Tol Stoy
you can hear the noise coming from a few tall storeys
that invade yo' place roamin' as I free throw forties, No guts no glory, cause I go holy
My queen's Dazzler, team Excalibur plus the new advancement bruh
... and 13 more lines
by Neo-Arno
about 2 months ago 
older demo - all feedback appreciated
B28 props Recorded
Alot of souls alot of dead in their eyes,
alot of trudging through the trenches till we find our demise,
lately, I contemplate my design,
the great beyond so forever alluring, the unknown I fear they surmise,
... and 12 more lines
by OmegaSpark
3 days ago 
Loose Thoughts Ft. K-Santana
28 props Recorded
I'm here to drop some top shit like I crapped on Everest
This is my element, staying relevant is effortless
Time is limited but I'm having a hell of it
Feeling like I'm heaven sent and I know that I'll never rest
... and 30 more lines
by Croc
8 days ago 
Go fish
A-28 props Recorded
it is you!
Check check it petrified member of what do you know Spitting image of the average Joe
plain bloody Blanka bling blow Exception to that you have a new hat
... and 43 more lines
by Butterfly
13 days ago 
Phony Motherfuckers
A-28 props
All you motherfuckers be trend hopping
Jump on the band wagon of whats popping
Quietly watching, in my head plotting
Scheming ways to take over, no stopping
... and 27 more lines
by AzrafAhmedOzzy213
13 days ago 
A28 props Recorded
Valentine, valentine ooh
Oh you fine, so divine yea
I've been trying, I've been trying to
... and 42 more lines
by Lucxs
11 days ago 
The Prelude
F28 props Recorded
Input later
by BaconWraps
20 days ago 
Slick Talka
28 props Recorded
I’m a slick talker, quick walker, running my mouth,
As smooth as the lube you use to move in and out
I’m as groovy and as glossy, as anybody just watch me
Cool as a frozen cucumber I’m frosty
... and 36 more lines
by attacottijones
24 days ago 
Same Ol' Same Ol'
B-28 props 
//HOOK 0:31
Dear Mother...
where did you go?
[where's your backbone?](Strength Of Character.)
... and 72 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
about 1 month ago 
A-28 props
I am trying to suffer and destroy all my enemy
I agree they are ugly just like my ex monkey
I don't go to mosque on Sundays that is insanity
And my laws all rhyme just like gravity
... and 32 more lines
by O_G_O
about 1 month ago 
28 props Recorded
My crushes I love em, but right now they getting’ they backs blown out, huh
Wanted to give a fuck waited for too long releasing the analog lost my bone now
Attention I love it and I’m so entitled
Semi late Stimulate Stimulate stifled
... and 68 more lines
by JingsNdthings
about 1 month ago 
Redza. - The End
B28 props Recorded
Ooh, you told me
It wouldn't be this way
Promised that you'd always stay
... and 19 more lines
by signedredza
about 1 month ago 
27 props Recorded
Yo I'm a monster, here to drop bombs because I want to
(You here for cash?) Nah I'm broke like this bitch's water
But that's my fault for getting too far on top of her
That's what I get for ignoring my [pedometer]
... and 48 more lines
by Croc
1 day ago 
B-27 props Recorded
Stepped up for my team to make a bag while we really young
Bout to ask where we from
Bout to make millions
Get up from 19 that’s in the past
... and 28 more lines
by Tixg
3 days ago 
War Inside My Head ft. Blazer
B+27 props 
Blazer :
My mind is a tug o' war,
Back and forth on what should I do,
There's thoughts that I wanna pour,
... and 44 more lines
by Dr3amL1fe
13 days ago 
I Don't Know
B-27 props 
There are many things in my life
... and 93 more lines
by DJMike
15 days ago 
B-27 props 
I know what you do, I seen all your moves
Not another word, you've had your turn
But I've heard it all before
... and 46 more lines
19 days ago 
Ronin (Prod. by Soulker)
B27 props Recorded
I am a soldier just roaming
Alone for a moment
They gonna call me a ronin
and I am not owing you shit
... and 56 more lines
by Hide
21 days ago 
1.30.20 Free Verse (Prod. by LCS)
27 props Recorded
If it wants it it can get it
Someone call the paramedics
Take this beat, like cheese I shred it
Body bag, that's right I dead it
... and 57 more lines
by jofshmo
26 days ago 
B27 props
I live in the dead of night
Oblivious to the demons in sight
In absence of the light despite
The silence keeping me up at night
... and 34 more lines
by TheLonlyGrunt
about 1 month ago 
Dreamworld (Stuck In Hell)
27 props Recorded
Failed experiments
It Makes no sense
It’s just unclear
And inconclusive
... and 101 more lines
by Big_RESS
about 1 month ago 
Flashing Camera's
B-27 props 
I got paparazzi around me
Their camera's flashing at me
... and 77 more lines
by DJMike
about 1 month ago 
PRINCESS LEIA (Verse) (Prod. by Lucid Soundz)
27 props Recorded
by TheSaturnian
about 1 month ago 
IGY6 (Intro)
B26 props 
//Em 0:32
Feel like I got PTSD and ADHD,
lacking concentration, forgetting what I was saying,
'cause I too can relate the feelings of ocean wave blues,
... and 48 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
5 days ago 
Fuck it (freestyle)
A-26 props 
Ya I think I'm clever me fall out of the sky like a jumbo jet never
I'm a national treasure I will never crack under pressure
No matter the measure writing for you is always a pleasure
Us as a family ya that's forever and ever I will never surrender
... and 20 more lines
by Skyking420
6 days ago 
RAW ft. SidA, CultOfGnarley
26 props 
[AttaDaMecca's Verse](.)
Listen closely, and if you a poser you gotta listen closer
Judge the sober thoughts, doesn't matter the color of collar
Dirty blue like a viagra, or was it vibrant white like the polar
... and 97 more lines
by AttaDaMecca
6 days ago 
I'm Dirty Dan! ( Identity )
B-26 props Recorded
You ain't know me last year but you know me now
Wouldn't lift a finger if you watched me drown
People like you gone slow me down
Room full of vultures and I can't get out
... and 31 more lines
by Lucid_Ecstasy
12 days ago 
A Simple Step
26 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
Yo, got some weed in my pocket, green locked in my locket
Trick a Vegan into eating meat, trick or motherfucking treat
Black eyes on them, they must have got beat... I'm in for the defeat
... and 45 more lines
by 21Pence
26 days ago 
A-26 props 
//Electro_Magnetik 0:07
Rewind to 10 years of age, I had cheap shoes,
My Mum didn't know no better, she bought my glasses, too,
[suffered double vision, left eye cocked eye, I was terrified,](I went through a tough period of mortification for being ridiculed for my...
... and 63 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
27 days ago 

Cookin' something up, just wait a sec...