Old School (feat. KingOsiris)

• Written by  • Featuring LORD_OMEGA

RDA's Notes

Thanks y’all for checking out the song, hope you enjoy my collab with KingOsiris. New music on the way, peace...

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I flip the stakes like Gordon if he took her to the porterhouse
Hoarding with Osiris, hit a two two when she hold her blouse
Bored so now, Ouija ghostly moving as it heard the sound
Rappers in my circle know I’m Kobe when they shoot around
You best get to dodgin, a chrome to your noggin
Temple Run, a pistol to your dome and you joggin
Bitches are alone at their home and they’re talking
But your fucking Future is you layin in a coffin
Yeah, cause you took your mask off, look up to a star, try to see the way I blast off
Matt Hoff, cyclin through rimmers, bitch I cast off, downing the Corona, like I got a bad cough (*cough)
I think that I was born for this beat (uh huh), I think I got the key to defeat
And I’m ready to go drop it, see it bubble underwater
Cause a life without losing, means I’ll never be that smarter
Feeling far away from home, my name is Peter Parker
Got the venom in my veins, stop the claim that you go harder
Cause bitch I’m talking rap, I don’t wanna hear your crew is up
At least I’m not a cracker cause I’ll never get to shooting up
Bow bow bow, let the shots intervene, pow pow pow, I am dope for a fiend
Now now now, I explode on the scene
Cause this land mine, I was born to a king
(Oh shit, yeah)
Let me teach this bitch a lesson
A Tec 9, Mac 11 tucked beside a Smith and Wesson since I was a little brethren always hated every second, maybe that’s the reason why I’m clenching first like it’s a Red Bull (agh)
(What’s good RDA)
These little, MC's reaching,
let's seek reason or after hour get seen leaving,
Catch me reaching, shadow figure next he speechless his last beats seared in fear
chesty heaving bodies through air "CC" Jesus
That's a message of war embedded with holes,
the kettle is warm dead em' in four
Veteran corps we spreaders of corpse
Easy work short shift 11 to 4
head for the floor collapse fast like on "9/11" level the Porsche
challenge any frame come n' meddle with me
horny bitches want rides but can't peddle with me,
flow is stone cold for foes to wrestle with me,
Siris RDA ugly animated some Ren and Stimpy,
nut my Shot at money some bread and skippy
I fetish filthy bring em' out
Lucifer drop a fine for what my sinner mouth spit amount
Caught the globe by this metric, never get an ounce,
Anunnaki wisdom it's Imhotep with the lizard scouts
Beam up to the mothership some other shit
Unprepared for the boss with these levels I'm on,
silhouette through walls when veteran spawn,
barney sing along way I drop on kids with lesson in song,
you suckers checking for a text meanwhile I'm checking her thong Uh!
We the ones that you ostracized, till seen us bombing atomic size, rhymin' to moshpit lines, have the crew remove you through silent gestures as if I walk with mimes
Wanna test nigga talk with spine!

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