Hostage Situation, Pt. 2

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Verax_'s Notes

Please check out all my other raps on my Youtube channel. I could use the subscribers. I'm not doing this for fun - I'm here to repair society.

As a visionary, you're seen as quite the opposite
People think you're crazy, like your mind is lost a bit
I mean, what's so bad about me binding hostages?
By their wrist so tight they give up trying to get out of it
It's kinda obvious, that I'll capture my audience
Whether it's cause I'm striking a chord with 'em
Or tightening a cord around 'em so tight
Before they're hostage they might be a corpse
Smother you with the truth 'till it can't be denied anymore
I think it's starting to work, the percentage of support
Of people ready to endorse, is beginning to engorge
I had low approval, didn't care about it getting any lower
I didn't change a thing, in fact, I was getting even more
Unrelenting in my form, started developing these horns
Oppose me, metaphorically send 'em to the morgue
My mission was to help the culture set a better course
How many five syllables was that? Ten of them or more
Let's make it Eleven, like Mike's thought process in naming her
When he saw the tattoo and hastily said it
This is my power, I shouldn't have this ability
I'm incorrect politically, sometimes I sit and think
Why do some people leave the vicinity, when I drop a bomb
Wait for the smoke to clear, then come back to the smoking crater
That I created, liquefied ashes turned to sediment
Then y'all wanna casually ask me how the weather is?
It's a nuclear winter, and some have the nerve to say
"Where have you been, you haven't even spoken words today"
That type of gaslighting will make a person break
If y'all don't like what I do, and don't have words to say
Fair enough, but don't come to me after the ashes cleared up
Weeks later, low key blaming me for not saying stuff
That's what gaslighting is, instead of addressing the topic
Try to make the person feel like they completely lost it
But I made a promise, when I started off, there's lines
That I said I wouldn't cross, the destruction I would cause
With my words, something I wouldn't want for those not involved
Directly, words more deadly than anything with a red beam
Made a vow to myself and I aim to keep it
These were non lethal rounds for that very reason
Plus there's another crowd that I'm actually coming for
Would've used another word just now, but the uninformed
Would've read way more into it, like getting a short text message
From someone you like, and you think it's something more
I'm targeting rappers, I wanna simply ask them
You're not even articulate, and you're attempting rapping?
I'll tell you why I hate you in a second, but first
You 'bout to suffer the world's first concussion from just words
Cause I'm heavy handed, from the way they talk and try to rhyme
You would think what I just said already happened
Y'all knew at some point I would eventually smash them
Making us look dumb, with that empty babbling
Y'all hurt the culture showing a glaring weakness
You have one language to speak and barely speak it
You sound lame and dumb speaking your native tongue
That applies to most rappers, especially the famous ones
That's the start of it, now I'ma cross the line Clowning you
Like my psyche had Arthur Fleck as part of it
Are you Kidding me, is everyone retarded then?
Rappers exploit the culture for profit, they're harming it
So I'm disarming them, and bombing them in the top nine
Stop lying, who in that list can't I outrhyme?
I didn't say ten, cause at the top is one guy
Forever making Bozos out of people when he comes by
I'm taking out the remaining spots, two through ten
Cut 'em out, expose 'em like veins that look blue through skin
That's a myth, it's cause of the way the light hits it
It doesn't get under the skin, unlike the way that I'm dissing
Not a battle, unilateral, only one side's armed
You're up against a tank with basically a sidearm
Words are weapons, more than you bums would realize
Make change in ways you can't with a gun or steel knife
You can use it to persuade or you can spread hate
You can uplift, or as you do, blatantly demonstrate
A hostile, thug image, which you have the right to do
Through music, but just know, other cultures might assume
That the way you portray yourself applies to all of us
I hope you know, you smeared our image, and run all amuck
Thanks rappers, you did the culture a great service
You know how in every song, you always make sure to
Tell the whole world you're tough, how you're quick to throw hands
Those aren't just lyrics, it happens, so people are programmed
To associate urban culture with thugs and violence
That's not a burn, when you're in a rough environment
The kids learn quick you gotta act tough inside of it
The culture is broken, I'm the only one defying it
All they see from outside the culture is the hard image
You always portray, so everyone associates certain traits
With people who look and speak a certain way
Think about why, it didn't randomly turn this way
If y'all had a vertebrae you would've logically examined
And saw that it's your very actions that hurt the race
Look at that gangbanger, tell me he doesn't earn the hate
It's an uncomfortable subject, but it's important to say
Now take notes on this part, everyone pay attention
We don't look too different from that guy I just mentioned
That's huge, I'll tell you why, it's the reason you and I
Blame race during painful moments where we felt denied
I wanna play a game, a little thought experiment
Prove to me you're not as stupid as your appearance is
Sike, that was a trap, just wanted you to stick around
My latest hostage, you have no choice but to listen now
Imagine you're tied up, and just to raise the stakes
Your daughter's here too, here's the game I came to play
You're beneath a Saw blade, no one can hear you scream
You gotta pass a polygraph, otherwise the Saw blade's coming down
Like on the Ninja Gaiden continue screen
Don't worry, you do this one task and then you leave
It's easy, I just need you to answer a few questions
If you lie, you sweat, and the electrodes will detect it
You see, I designed this trap to force you to reveal things
From beneath the rug of your subconscious where you swept it
All you gotta do is describe a gangbanger for me
Put aside those predictable feelings of anger forming
This dangerous, whirling blade's, coming towards your face
You better start speaking, you can't afford to wait
Describe a gangbanger, how would you describe the clothes?
Their expression, the way they walk, let me try to show
You why this matters, when you think of a rapper, visually
Do they look different than who we were just envisioning?
Now picture your boys, named Pookie and Ray Ray
They're doing great so far, they're getting straight As
But I gotta ask, and this part isn't meant as a diss
Who do they look like? See, you're a bit hesitant
To answer that, but if you had even a little bit of EQ
You'd see how people might confuse those last groups for these two
And guess what unfair situation this creates?
Good people like that are mistaken for the miscreants
Generations of young men, with pent in resentment
Treated different for what they assume is their Pigment
That's not the whole story, if Farmers were disproportionately
Killing each other, at a rate that's unfortunately
Higher than among other groups, it doesn't take all that
Much logic to see that someone with a straw hat
Wearing overalls, and a plaid shirt will be scrutinized
When that happens daily you feel dehumanized
It's the culture's fault, we're living with the absolute
Trash image it gave us, going insane from
My own clarity on all this, imagine knowing how to solve it
But ignored by most, that's the Cassandra Complex
Y'all ever see Memento? I been gave the solution
In the second one, towards the end I left a blueprint
No one read to you, so you lack EQ and logic
Had to teach you how to think, by taking you hostage
It wasn't intended to be dangerous, a polygraph
Doesn't even work when you make open ended statements

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