Everybody's Stopping

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Everybody's stopping
I got them watching locking eyes 'n everybody talking
I've got them flocking all around me should I spit like Hopsin?
This ain't an option let's all clock in 'n I'll start a mosh pit
I'm dropping thunder hear the rain 'n ain't nobody stopping
No cop's are watching let's get popping I was born for rocking
Biting the head up off the bat so you can call me Ozzy
When it gets foggy I get lost in every bar I'm writing
I'll be ignighting see the lightning I was born to strike men
Whether you black in colored plaid or white in dressy clothing
I'll be exposing my true God knows everybody's closing
So don't go acting like a captain with them sins you packing
I see you laughing ain't no game these dice weren't made for thrashing
I'll throw the whip that you be lashing you can call that savage
Not 21 I'm 22 don't care if you the baddest
I've spoken ad libs more ecstatic then ya written captions
This ain't a practice I'm attracted to defeat the actions
That everybody grew to know but never questioned, that's it
Ya'll put the fear inside these people with a closing casket
So if you ask if I'm a stop ya'll better get ya napkins
Cause in my baskets full of all the crap ya kept in attics
Ya'll try to box away the truth I'll put an end to that quick
'N sure ya'll try to take me out well I enjoy a challenge
Don't try to balance life's true prowess that ain't skating by
Because my G.O. single D. Is gonna come 'n rise
You think you're right tryna disrespect these people's mind
I'll teach you why ya'll be living when the Devil Cries
Ya'll keep in mind all ya actions cause it come to bite
'N when it strike ya'll be wishing that you heard me, Right?
Everybody's stopping
I got them watching locking eyes 'n everybody talking
I've got them flocking all around me should I spit like Hopsin?
This ain't an option let's all clock in 'n I'll start a mosh pit
Unlock the prophet hear them trumpets 'n ya'll gone be shocked when
Ya see them clouds unleash the promise ya'll been tryna chop with
All ya science I ain't buying this a closing topic
So put ya product up let's not adjust these trends are flopping
It's not an option this'll cost ya Heavens doors be locking
No opting out this clock is ticking so enjoy tropic's
While ya can cause ya'll be standing in then burning hot pits
This money game just ain't a thang when ya'll can't take ya profits
I'll stay the same until the day that my Jesus walking
Ya'll cannot change the way I think I'm Iron Man in comics
So when I say to keep the change ya better pack ya wallet
I do not frolic when I speak ya'll some alcoholics
Taking a drink from all the greed and bleeding outcha faucets
Leaving ya toxic waste 'n saying we causing the problem
Been tryna solve it but this industry has got me coughing
Been tryna concentrate but all these leaves k-keep on falling
I'm feeling nauseous what I'm eating can't be good for knowledge
'N you can call it what you want prescription drugs ain't all it's
Out to be just bring the weed, at least it calms the nerves
I let surge through my veins ya'll think it's so absurd
I let my words bleed the pain everybody's heard
I've got this urge to do great but is this my curse
Cause everythang that I spake comes from in the church
In the verse from the first words shine a light upon the day gotta make 'em birds chirp
Let the Earth turn Son don't gotta burn all this good work
Why'd he make the sky if we polluting the light?
Why'd he make the grass grow if we gone pave 'em dry?
Why'd he make them cash flows I ain't about to lie
This ain't God of mine this the Devil's Cry
We done let him in gotta pull a part these sins of mine
I'm a come and rise up
Step to me now I'm a bring the fire
Kept me around I'm a bring ya down, What?
Turning up the sound it'll burn ya house up
Where I come from we don't run from
Anything or anybody, yeah you want some?
Devil gonna come I gotta secret weapon
Jesus in my blood 'n when I pray it's all done

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