Forgive me (Feat. StormTheArsoni...

• Written by  • Featuring Atreus, PsychoPuppet, StormTheArsonist, and Fratricide

//Verse 1//(StormTheArsonist)
Times are changing, the distance seems to be further now
those days of thinking how are over now.
but anyhow, I guess that's how life is now.
and even thou without you, ill go that extra mile
even thou I wish things were different now,
the ups and downs, with more downs than ups
I know how it sounds, I admit I fucked up
and ill admit it I miss you so fuckin' much
those kisses, and laughs your warm touch
the site of you just opens me up.
it's ok that our relationship has end
but it doesn't mean we can't be friends
then again I guess it all depends on where or when
and what type of relationships we're in.
that's why I'm hoping this pain won't outlive me
for all the pain this gives me,
I will rather be friends instead than enemies
even thou our grounds are flimsy
can you find a way to forgive me?
//Verse 2//(Psycho Puppet)
Ma Cherie, forgive me for the pain I have caused you
I beg for the very thing you always say you cannot do
Forgiveness for the way I never listened to you
When you asked for me I looked for somethin' different to do
Happily whistlin' tunes like Skip to my Lou till I pushed you into the tomb
I understand if there ain’t no mendin' the broken heart after I ripped it in two
I remember when you told me you would be my only one
But you started mistrustin' me that’s when my woes begun
I still remember the first time we met it was love at first sight
But over time we grew distant till we started to split, that was the worst night
We were younger back then the world was our oyster
But I had to clam up and become this soulless destroyer
My insecurities really worried me I told you I was made of steel
I began to shut you out never listened to how you would say you feel
I would tell myself “This ain’t for real” cause I’m supposed to be in love
But we were together a while sometimes it feels as though I’ve seen enough
Some nights I wanna cuddle some nights I would rather drink cyanide
I turn over in the bed and can’t tell if you still by my side
So, my love, I hope this letter finds you in good health
Cause I ain’t rhyming bout no girl I was rhyming to my self
//Verse 3//(E-Z-Khay)
I thought we'd last forever, but I guess it was just a dream
The image of you I have tattoo'd on my brain just lowers my self-esteem
I pulled up at your house, the police already there
I approach your front door unaware
I was stopped by an officer, said I wasn't allowed inside
Then I finally realized that something bad has happened, you've died
You took a rope, tied it to the railing of your third-floor
I know I've said some things I shouldn't have but I never knew you felt like this before
I wish I could apologize, but you probably wouldn't forgive me
Murder? Ya, this qualifies, knowin' you died cause of me jus kills me
I can't stop crying but I know there ain't use to cryin' over spilled milk
I can't help it, but all I feel is guilt
I know it seemed like I didn't care about you
I'm beginning to think life's worthless without you
You thought it was hatred but It was love
You were petrified cause I gave you a shove
You fell backward and hit your head off the cement
You cried, I screamed and claimed it was an accident
My anger issue's got the best of me
Now I'm standin' in a church sayin' Rest in Peace
Oh baby please forgive me
//Verse 4//(Atreus)
I can't find no Peace in Me I gave Every Piece of Me
Broken down Broken Up Are you ok? Not really
I try to ignore our History but Pain and Suffering take Victory
I said those things to Protect you
What you claim are lies ... Is all True I Gave my soul to you
I trust so few I gave my heart and let you into
My dark mind I leave that behind I guess I'm a Disappointment
You were a goddess I would've done anointment
The knife in my hand the Point Met Pillow Soaked n Wet
I'm Just full of regret
You were my Angel A Goddess and my Special One
I'm Sorry I'm just a Let down
I crumbled when you weren't around now your gone
No Light no Dawn Kill my Code If this was a game fuck a respawn
Now It's like I gotta drink it off Henny and Smirnoff
Every second we spent every single penny or cent of sense
The love we had was intense
The voices get loud Screamin I let you down
We can't make up ever I got turned, Clown
A Joke of what I was to Be
Now Pain has me blinded Nothin here to See
Knife sooth me and let my soul free

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