Come Together

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All the times we actin out
Now we sit here on the couch
Cuz we spreadin by word of mouth
Words from our family and friends mouth be so precious that we douse em
In our hearts in our minds like a fountain
What the world come too
Shit taken for granted piled high like a mountain
On the top shoutin
All my sins all my flaws all my prayers
Self assessment but this for all the people out there that need a hand
The mother thats a nurse
The father cleanin halls dependin on the first
The grandma givin up the bed for the little girls world to carry on
You represent the good so we can carry on
Passin it forward till we gone
Tryna put it in this song
But we all be havin this bond thats unbreakable
We gettin shown race, religion, color or creed mean but so much we on the same dam team
From the rich to the fiends
Nothin is as it seems yo
But Trump talkin bout leanin out the old folk
For the sake of savin the economy what a fuckin bloke
Fuck with one of us you get all the smoke
I'm readin Barnes and Jackson no Noble
Squeezin out all your hope till you die solo
Together we all one thats just how it go lets go

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