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//verse 1
I'm in this cypher with a little story, calm down, it is only a little gory
But before I get put in the purgatory, let me tell you about my tragedy
It is all reality, I was feelin' really lucky on a hot summer day,
I remember it like it was yesterday, yes that really hot Thursday when the sun was shining
Birds were flying, when suddenly somebody coughed near me and I wasn't wearing a mask
Didn't think too much of it at the time, but at home when I stopped and asked
my mother why she clasped her chest, she tells me that she feels like she was stabbed with a shank
I didn't understand what was about to happen, but I couldn't stand my momma feelin' hurt
So I comforted her, forever being there, or anywhere, so I started to prepare
But I get woken up in the middle of the night by a scream filled with fright
I jump out of bed just to see a figure bleeding on the floor hardcore
The blood just poured overboard, from the mouth, hittin' the floor, but I said fuck it
I can't stand it anymore, so I swore not to let her die in the dorm
When the paramedics got there, she was in bad shape, they told me they'll do anything, I had faith
But when I was told she would probably die in the coma, I really thought I won't see my moma
The next couple of days went relatively normal, let's keep this rap formal
We are just mortals, fighting immoral, so when I found out she had corona
I went supernova, cause I shoulda' wore protection, I guess I didn't lean my lesson from college
And I acknowledge that I felt like garbage and I wanted to jump into a ditch
But what kind of story would it be if I didn't do a plan-switch
So instead of committing suicide, I'll drown myself in alcohol
Chances are at the bar I might die right? I stayed only till midnight
When my fight or flight reflex drove me to my home,
Time passed and I just got a call, they were able to save her because she had whooping cough
Kids, when you do anything, wear a mask just to have the possibility to chillax
Guys, this condemnation was earth's retaliation and it should be a wake-up call
Stay inside, give a fuck
This isn't a thunder strike
I'd think your future is bright
So please make this shit right
//verse 2
But I am done with self experience, I'll talk about it overall
I want people to know this ain't a vacation, wear the masks cause this virus isn't a joke
Stop smokin' I want nobody to choke, so let's win this battle that is against the clock
You won't beat this virus with a Glock, so don't keep too much shock it makes you unprepared
This whole thing makes me a little bit scared, people patrolling the streets not knowing they can die
So please don't deny, the threats are real, corona can kill, even if you survive, you'll go downhill
In the time of a pandemic people picking death over life
Schools and jobs are closed due to it's fucking thrive
I can't help but realize that I only win this battle if I don't join it
This is real life, if you have it you'll probably vomit blood to death
I don't consider myself a poet, just annoying, but I hope no one gets the disease
Just don't go out of your house as you please, don't be pussies, keep your memories
Let's breeze through life without worries and let's let the emotions underneath take over
At the time of trouble we have to stay united, the pandemic got to our limitations
But with impatience, we betary ourselves, by going outside and sniff the air in all situations

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