Covid 2020

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Hello hello hello, thanks for tuning into Hot 20.20
The radio station bringing you the hottest in news, weather, and sports
America suffered another twelve hundred deaths yesterday
after taking steps to reopen the economy
Stay tuned for the latest in Coronavirus news
More coming up after the break
Welcome to the quarantine, It's affecting me
Sick up in my brain, on fire pour some gasoline
Messing with my dreams, Got my fever up
World falling apart while we're all awaiting drugs
does anyone know how I'm supposed to be feeling
I'm reeling, injected lysol and I don't think that I'm healing
My being, infected by all the lies that I have been feeded
believing elected officials that could've been well meaning
And I don't even know what I'm supposed to say next
corona on my mind and It's on the internet
on the news at that, over one hundred thousand dead
It's no wonder I can't get this shit out of my head
I'm thinking of my mama, she's always been a smoker
not starting any drama, she's at risk if you get closer
And now there soldiers marching in the streets, getting militant
Cause George Floyd had respiratory incident? Code Red
Wait, His lungs were working fine? He didn't have covid nine
teen, then how did he die? The police wouldn't let him rise?
kept a knee on his neck, despite all of his cries?
Justified it because of his size? Fuck!
Whatever happened to serve and protect?
And fuck this mask man, ya it's muffling my attack
Count me in, marching on the Michigan capital
Not for haircuts though, but rather for police reform
Show me what we need you for
And yeah, some parts of me wanna see the city burn
Like I do when I get a fever, now you need to sit and learn
The body heats up when it needs to kill the virus
So guess what happens when the state gets sick, you following?
And I don't really want to call for violence
but I don't know what we're gonna do about this
They also say that they want change but I doubt it
Welcome to 2020 now who wants out of it
I'm so sick and tired of everything going on
I just need a fucking break, and yeah, I need to write this song
But there's no chorus, so it may be hard to sing along
Imagine not being able to breathe because of covid or a knee on
the back of your neck, need a respirator
but it seems their in use for others
triage in italy, no care for the elderly
you've got to be kidding me
Do something yesterday
Who's in charge, I need to know
boss left his desk cause he's in the know
Scared of his constituents, he needs to go
We need a change, that's a hard pill to swallow
Hello and welcome back to Radio Station 20.20
broadcasting live across the beautiful United states of america
Reminder, do not go outside

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