Locked In (Covid Freeverse)

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See according to the news we locked down
I been locked in
And honestly my nigga feeling freer than I ever been
Soda always tainted den a bitch so I ain't gettin sick
Always catch a nigga in the lab you know I'm trappin hits
I used to work a nine to five but nigga I ain't goin back
I just pulled a band up out the lab in one day that's a fact
I don't even worry bout the plays up on my fuckin tracks
Open up my calendar just makin sure that bitch is packed
Niggas out here half spittin lines they know they half penned
Acting like there's nothin missin, bitch go cash a half a check
I don't even write I'm off the dome hit beats with half a flex
I can't show nobody my whole bag or what I'm havin yet
I been gettin rich as fuck and we still in a crisis nigga
gang got over sickness in December never mind that shit
Hammer on the 808 like Thor you know the lighting hitting
Wake up high as fuck still yelling where the fuck my lighter at
Full frontal honesty, that is not a flex
That's just how I wake up cuz I live with my bandmates
Unfiltered on the beat, y'all be playing chess
I be playin who's up next to get wrecked ain't no plan B
Don't own a tec, but I'm sippin hi tech
My wrist blessed mixing tracks up so mufuckin nasty
You are not a threat, lil bitch don't play pretend
Cuz I'm really bout my shit I ain't fuckin wit no rap beef
Man this Rona shit got niggas acting crazy huh?
If you can't make no cash in this pandemic then you lazy bruh
Everything was closed for months you shoulda gotcho hustle up
Tray just copped a semi auto shotty wit the muzzle uh!
Honestly I'm just a Guy my nigga call me Might
Eight gates open go so hard I risk my life
You don't really understand how many sleepless nights in, thousands I invested and how much I sacrificed
This has always been the dream I made it solid just like elm street
And I did it on my own cuz noone ever helped me
Honestly this virus shit been helping me get wealthy
So I'm stackin up for rainy days and working on myself
Cuz I know just how the world works I know how they react to us
All these motivated motherfuckers on the pathway up
They gon try to take me out but I say I ain't had enough
Not until I look at everyone around me stackin bucks
I'm talkin Benjamin and Jackson, not no motherfuckin Giannis
And I'm talking bout that crypto hittin cellies by the mountain
I'm talking pensions off a melody so miss me with that clout
Cuz I'm just here to claim what's mine and triple check on the amount
Thanking god for this quarantine I thrived in the lockdown
I might fall off one day but I bet it doesn't happen now
I been acting like a nigga wit some sense so I'm cashin out
Everybody laughed cuz I ain't panic look who's laughin now

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