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Head violence til' the red sirens set silence
when the feds find him, sitting perched on a dead island
Sickest prick Siris West Nile-ing, hide your wife
find your treasure rob her booty whole, bed pirate
Set fire to your coast on some climate science
rhyme asylum, find him out of his tight confinement
Orion the sight alignment grip the hunters bow
Glow on the globe, shine higher the brightest diamond,
Fire strike an eye, pry it loose, slap will do it for you
Siris spit, critics gasp, get behind like Heimlich do
Mind purest versus, childish tyrants, wisest fools,
Amnesia their Monkey suits while piping abundant fruits
Tear the branches apart, means to shake from the mindless roots
and when the Pigs "SKREE" violence it widens defiant moods
The unraveling times, riveting signs
swipe mindlessly at filtered timelines sponge that fictitious speech
That's why I'm back to old villainy,
neurons crack fast with close synergy, blast is Yosemite,
drag your whole city street, family flesh splat vividly
my Iris project horrors of war, drone flash imagery
The heart in it, slaying beats deserving that dignity,
exercise fittest balance, pen pad symmetry,
hard drive more than a couple rad gigs in me
Wack shitting at the throne don't let that ass sit with me,
Had a MASK before it was fashion I practiced DOOM
you casket like magic poof, friction is cactus smooth,
ba-da-boom, no pandemic bring the Bat that crack a dude,
BAM BAM killer face stoned Yaba-daba-doo!
What it's worth to war with me I'm asking you?
KingOsiris best at it a bag of proof

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