Stand Up By StormTheArsonist

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StormTheArsonist's Notes

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

:20 first verse
My past was full of bullying and harassment
being picked on daily was a embarrassment
one can say I was born special with a mark on my temple
it looks terrible, by my eye, no lie, it looks mental
if one touches it they must be gentle
but at a young age, it's on a totally different level
its a birth mark, a Port-wine stain that came with nicknames
consequences and shame. everyday was the same
getting my ass kicked while i held myself to blame
fought back with fear in my veins but i wouldn't complain
started in kindergarten wow just to think ..
it didn't end till the 3rd grade....
1:18 2nd verse
These daily events became the new normal
but the numbness doesn't feel as awful
as time passes bye the cry's no longer matter
no matter how hard you try those eyes now dry faster
even though inside your crumbling like plaster
the tolerance is building up, its called Anger
i was tired of the laughter i said screw it
the constant picking on me finally made me lose it
threw my books down, fist up, having the balls to do it
so I pursued it I've had enough and they knew it
I conquered my fear, i'm here and no longer afraid to go through with it.
Fuck it let's do this!
2:17 3rd verse
with all this being said, the bullying came down about 80%
instead of every day it was monthly as i gained respect
not for beating ass but for standing up for my self
but most importantly i felt better about myself
with more confidence in myself saying fuck everyone else
but if ones in need I always gave them help
looking at them and seeing myself was enough in itself
I dont ignore the issue im quick to give em a helping hand
hold em up and help them stand, my mother raised me to be a man
if your mother didn't....listen, be willing to at least understand.
3:15 4th verse
bullying isnt something to ignore nor something one shall endure
its immature to make someone feel insecure
life's full of flaws, differences and so much more, but if you fall
one hand is better then getting no hands at all. someone to call
to help you get off that floor is all. be that person or more
if no one is there, get up and crawl, you dont need this shit anymore
your better then that, raise them fist, resist and kick em in the balls
grab a weapon, anything to even the score, fight like its war
you can only change you, so what the fuck are you waiting for?

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