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  • Bitch this is too easy Serpent.
  • Told me "Fuck you" But you is just a virgin.
  • Your momma found out that you cursing in your words jit.
  • Jerkin' but the whole thing of Viagra isn't workin'
  • You say, "It's my destiny to take on Juice WRLD's legacy"
  • Bitch, you need to be good to do that. Don't mess with me.
  • Your mom puts you in therapy cuz you struggle with your identity.
  • You girlfriend left you cuz your raps are just horrendous G.
  • I really don't have to do much to diss you man.
  • Taking Juice WRLD's songs, man you really ain't a fan.
  • You don't deserve his profile pic. And it's tragic
  • Cuz Juice WRLD wouldn't want a pic of you in his casket.


  • i got a black contract and a white contract what you want concept dissed me again man let's go it's time i get my revenge
  • for all the times he beat me man now it's my turn if we lived in the same town and we had a sleep over
  • you will be tied up in a chair in my living room with tape over your mouth so you can't breathe tape your
  • nose shut to so you can't escape the house of The SERPENT then if your dead
  • i'll take and metal bat and just hit you in the head repeatedly like a homerun like look everyone i'm winning the baseball game
  • but this ain't a baseball game no this is a rap battle war between me and concept
  • that he's winning but not for long cause like if you try to say something to me like sit the fuck down then i'll just go get a gun then shoot you in the head
  • now your dead and can never come back alive unless god gives you 89 chances just like yo fucking
  • like i fucked last night i think her name was heather she's light as a feather
  • bye bye see you when i win peace bitch

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