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  • ok so you call me a fucking dog the fuck do i look like i'm a fucking to you bitch?
  • you call me a fucking dog you a fucking clog with a fucking bug on your shoulder
  • yea on yo shoulder like you drinking buzz whizzer like your flying through the air like your buzz lightyear
  • yuh you diss me now i gotta come and diss you say i don't rhyme but i'm rhyming right now now bow down
  • to your king of the serpents bitch


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  • Wanna battle me? Serpent, you challenged the wrong man.
  • I'll beat you like leather. Beat you so damn hard, your balls tan.
  • And when you battle me, I'll fucking win them all fam.
  • The only time you cooked is when I fry you in my saucepan.
  • Go back in the cage you be bitchin' like a dog can.
  • Put you in a box like a snake. You like, "Aw damn."
  • Haven't learned your lesson. Say you winnin' that's a small chance.
  • Can't deceive me like the serpent they all know that you a fraud scam.
  • Look at your battles. Only won thirteen you bastard.
  • You biased monkey. When you hear this shit, you'll shatter.
  • Tryna diss me but if you do, it won't matter.
  • Hold you hostage with a gun. What's your last words?
  • Pulled the trigger on you when I won ten times. I've mastered
  • All the rhymes. That's why when I beat you, I hear trash words.
  • Coming from your mouth. Tryna stab me with a dagger.
  • Say you brain dead, that's because your brain just splattered.
  • Told me, "Joe Biden murdered Floyd." Man, what da hell.
  • I'll knock you so damn flat like a tire on a nail.
  • You not Hopsin you just hoppin' like Peter Cottontail
  • You toxic. You just want to tag along like a comet tail.
  • You a Fan of Juice but I'll Box you up. You must be Winded.
  • Showed your face on Rappad. When I saw I was offended.
  • Say that you'll beat me. You must be kidding.
  • I beat you like a snake that died. I chopped it's head, it's body twisted.
  • Only time there's beef is when you come from the tin.
  • Challenging me then, uppercut for the win
  • You a creep like goosebumps on ya skin.
  • Bro, I'll win then pop off like, "Man, how you been."

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