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Your view on the words "Make America Great Again"

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  • Make America Great Again? Shut the hell up you are dumb.
  • You really want to reenact when all the needy blacks were hung?
  • Immigrants, they all got shunned. Switched they Tasers for their guns.
  • K K K all released blacks and hunted all them just for fun.
  • This your vision for our nation? Fuck Trump he need education.
  • People think a "rigged election" just ruined his reputation.
  • Look at this dude, he's a fool. He forgot his medications.
  • His whole premise sounds like Satan. He hates all the Blacks and Asians.
  • All his false ambition. Politicians all won't listen.
  • Riots come in opposition. Let them diss him. I won't miss him.
  • Only wants the recognition. Sparking hate no electricians.
  • What he says don't add up like he try to be a mathematician.
  • When I first heard "Keep out the immigrants!"
  • This is Trumps doing. Making them act like little kids.
  • All the riots. I was like, "This gonna be really big."
  • All came down to Trump. I said, "Oh, we back to THIS again."
  • Asking people, "What he do for us?" They stay silent.
  • Raided the Capitol. From what I see, there was violence.
  • And when people say, when they vote, they'll go and vote for Biden,
  • They have my respect. Like why would you go to Trump for guidance?
  • He just wants the money. Can't you see how he's affected,
  • All of your minds? If he ever gets elected,
  • He will prolly start a war. And then you will be selected
  • To fight. Then you'll die and then you'll look back and regret this.
  • He uses hate speech. He's full of malice.
  • He looks down at us while he chillin' in his palace.
  • If you join his lie, this whole world would be unbalanced.
  • So fuck it. Keep your flags. You'll just looked mentally challenged.


  • yea what yea make america great again by taking joe biden out of office and put donald trump back in charge so he can make america great again
  • yea because joe biden sucks dick so no mind if i do just put a middle finger high in the sky
  • to the lame ass president in office fuck the president in the ass
  • bye bye mr president you stupid ass bitch

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