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  • I made you so mad. Coming to my house with a pitchfork.
  • Battling me is like playing baseball, but I pitch forks.
  • Rigor Mortis seen him 'fore I even bodied his corpse.
  • Respond to my battles with raps shorter than my gym shorts.
  • You chicken. Scared of me. I grabbed your neck with grip force.
  • Broke it. Now you on a golden platter. Call that rich course.
  • You guys are no match. You can't Go Green like money. Piss poor.
  • I hear "Nahs" instead of Nas. Who you don't have a niche for.
  • I'll be on the top and you be zero. I'll be leaving? No.
  • You be sweating beads and freaking out. I'm breathing slow.
  • People don't vote cuz they hate me. They're the retreating foe.
  • They tell me, "Suck a dick." But they the ones who like the penis. Ho.
  • Far from minimum. Criminal when I whittle em' down.
  • To the rhythm of Diddle Biddle Biddle Bumm. Arms a little numb.
  • But I can't stop cuz I'm gonna finish this little song.
  • Dissing me is like climbing ladders without middle rungs.


  • Chorus
  • I'm leanin' like I'm using a needle
  • Prolly party by myself because I don't fuck with people
  • Marijuana with the pills, euphoric and cerebral
  • I do it all to chase a thrill (Thrill
  • Verse 1
  • Oh, tell perky I need her
  • Without her, I get to sweatin', shakin', and catchin' a fever
  • I know some people regret takin' the shit that thеy been takin'
  • But baby, I can't take it, so I guess I need it (I'll keep it, yeah, yеah)
  • Need it, need it, need it (Need it)
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
  • Chorus
  • I'm leanin' like I'm using a needle
  • Prolly party by myself because I don't fuck with people

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