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Depressing song

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  • It's 2:00 AM and man's still smoking weed.
  • Got drunk last night. Was filled with dopamine.
  • Brain fogged up. Mind was filled with broken dreams.
  • He cries at night cuz his infant died last New Years Eve.
  • Her name was Willow, the surgery didn't go as planned.
  • Never took her first steps holding daddy's hand.
  • After Willow died, mommy took her last stand.
  • Was devastated so she held and lit a gas can.
  • Man's in debt. Next week, he gets evicted.
  • They also took his car just like he predicted.
  • Scars on his wrist. The pain was self-inflicted.
  • CPS took his little boy. Boy does his daddy miss him.


  • you wouldn't like me when i'm angry i'm not happy when i'm angry you might hate me once i'm angry ever seen
  • the movie straight outta compton me i have i'm like ice cube when i'm angry i'll break all your stuff
  • so don't make me angry or you get the serpent venom on your tongue it's like a plug for all the drugs you take then you die

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