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Must be about mentality. Multiple rhymes in the same bar.

Max of 24 lines


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  • They told me I should get out and make friends. It don't work
  • They told me I should get out and get punched. It don't hurt
  • I'm growing so much in my raps it like a growth spurt
  • Figuring out who gon' wanna punch me. Ha! Go first
  • A lot of people all be messing up my mentality
  • Actually I don't really care so that's a tragedy
  • They attacking me, dragging me into the crashing sea
  • Yes it has indeed everlastingly been nagging me
  • They dramatically switched up gravity to ravish me
  • Thus, distracting me from my mental functionality
  • Did this casually. They be rash indeed, they hassle me
  • Like a passing scene. They be having tea while jabbing me.
  • They laugh at me as they spit on my grave
  • Before it hits, it evaporates into space
  • I'm being played just like my mental state
  • And if you don't like then I guess you gon' wait.
  • Thoughts comin' at me like invisible waves
  • Crumbling to bits like a rickety cave
  • Better behave my mind is more than a brain
  • Don't be afraid. There is no room to escape.
  • Don't try to argue, there's no need to debate.
  • Guess all your minds will decide all your fates
  • If you don't believe me, then I guess that's okay
  • But don't engage cos' then you'll be the one to blame


  • Got another battle wow i been in a lot of battles i won some i lost some boo
  • but i'm gonna win i'm the DEVIL the devil always gets what he wants this chump
  • challenging me to a battle you nuts i'm gonna kill you like i killed my parents because there
  • not worth it beating you in a battle is worth it because let's face it you don't stand a Chance bitch

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