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  • Peace ya'll see you in 2022 i won't be making music until january 3rd so peace out hope you liked m y music
  • this year cause it gets better you want more of me you got it but peace out for now see you in 2022
  • you guys have been so nice with your feedback see you in 2022


  • I'm a snake with grit, with the zip of the whip.
  • I'm a make this flip. I'm the dip for the chips.
  • I add flavor. But you haters gon' spit
  • On my grave but you guys draw blood though you Crip.
  • I don't understand why you looking concerned
  • I beat you single handedly in case you wondered
  • My raps can be warm and calm they give you comfort
  • My bars are so fire that they give you sunburn.

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