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  • walking in the dark my dog barks at the fatty rat with a hat my dog eats the fat rat
  • oh well that what happens in the dark you get eaten and lost that's just life oh well life ain't fair is it
  • yea it's not fair because people in the dark they just don't see what's coming
  • until they see me yea serpent cause i'm a snake i'll kill you with my venom
  • yea it's toxic toxic you better not come near me i'm toxic i'll eat ya whole how you gonna
  • let a snake kill you like that oh well you got what was coming to you
  • hope you go to hell instead of heaven because that's where you belong in hell with all the demons
  • until they turn on you and you regret being mean to me as a kid cause now your in my din
  • oh well mom guess walking in the dark blocking fighting back talking and running for cover
  • wasn't worth it was it you shouldn't even be in the dark this my territory so get the fuck out
  • i'm doing what i should of done a long time ago getting rid of my demons starting with you
  • mom yea i guess we all feel torture now don't we oh well it'll be over before you know it.
  • Yea cause you could be in your bed in your head just sleeping when a of a sudden you see a shadow
  • yea you wanna know what that shadow belongs to it belongs to the SERPENT king
  • and that king is named SERPENT4545 BITCH
  • this is SERPENT saying peace for now bitches


  • Wait, hold up SERPENT you wanna battle me?
  • What's your strategy? Comin at me- don't flatter me.
  • I crush the head of the serpents. You'll be a casualty
  • This ain't no battle scene. Trying me just baffles me.
  • You said that you hope that I just go to hell
  • Maybe you forgot your name was DEVIL as well
  • Battle me all these times. That ring a bell?
  • Guess I'm gonna use my bars. Put you in a cell.
  • You just scatter rhymes like "Dog barks at the fatty rat"
  • You like Dr. Seuss. I'm the Cat in the Hat.
  • Cat against mouse. When you fall for my trap
  • You gon' regret that you said all of that.
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • I ain't Mary Poppins but my rhymes are quite ferocious
  • Psycho told me, "Use that one" But now you need to focus.
  • My rhymes like your relationships: They split. Now call me Moses

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