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  • 0:25
  • Looking at me like you my dark nemesis.
  • I'm pure snake watch your back I'm all venomous
  • I've been in this part of the woods. And I'm lettin' this
  • Evil inside me decide if I maul skeletons.
  • I'm a savage with a spear with no cannabis
  • Searching through your remains wondering how I'm ending this
  • I'm all still when I'm on the loose no mannequin
  • I don't cry off like you I'm the man at this.
  • 0:39
  • I'ma make this flip. No water bottle. No sip.
  • I'll die thirsty when I'm thirty. No drip
  • With the crack of the whip. I'm unloading my clips.
  • Punch me all day. Draw some blood. Summon Crip.
  • This is madness. It had to happen. I'm laughing
  • Check the status. Then you'll crash in my attic
  • Wreaking havoc. Pencil tappin' while rappin'
  • Livin' average. And this track is just sadness
  • That's a violation. Like file saved on a wild nation
  • That's a mild hatred. Annihilation and mind invasions
  • It's a while wait. I know. That's another conversation
  • For later. You hater. I'm a whole operation
  • And I'm mad towards you people
  • I'll turn a whole track right into a sequel
  • Better watch out because I am lethal
  • Finishing rhymes when they pass, they're peaceful


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  • Am i losing my mind is this real or is this fake am i real or am i fake i feel like i'm losing my
  • mind i feel like i'm fake like i don't feel real i feel fake does anyone else feel fake
  • like all of us do. Do you feel like you want to die or just take a knife and just stab it in your heart
  • where you feel that this is where you belong dead that you should not be on this earth that the world ain't your turf
  • yea most people feel like us we should just be dead fuck it why not just stay alive no why not just
  • die were all just gonna die anyways why not just say goodbye to your love ones
  • and just kill yo self see most people have a problem with that oh well
  • you can stay alive or die your choice you choose if you stay alive then your a pussy if you die
  • you become a god or a devil or a devil king just say headshot then bye bye you
  • dead just like you wanted except if you do die you'll never see another day oh well
  • it ends well you lived a long but short life this is serpent saying peace out

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