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  • Challenging me to a duel? Yeah, that's cool.
  • But you running out of rhymes. Like a car, where's your fuel?
  • Careful what you say. Oh, you think I'm a fool?
  • Tryna walk over me. Guessing you'll need a stool.
  • This a game? Yeah, this is chess. I'm the king.
  • I'm the real rapper listening to you sing.
  • Like a pretty princess. Yeah right, in your dreams
  • Box you up like I'm Jake Paul in the ring.
  • You can diss me but I'll diss you more.
  • Bet you can feel it in your core through the floor.
  • Feel it shock straight through your nerves. This a chore?
  • So I'll check that box off cuz I've done this before.
  • Dissing me is like throwing darts at a board
  • With a blindfold over your face, facing towards
  • The opposite direction. Then, you throw, and it soars.
  • About ten feet away you earned the lowest score.
  • Cuz if you do, then I'm not one of your friends
  • I'm the boss of this store and you're one of the bins
  • That I put trash in. You can see how this ends.
  • I'm not Eminem. So what? But I try to be
  • Don't say that you're the best cuz the you just lied to me
  • This like Hide-and-Seek but there ain't no way you're finding me
  • Don't you cry to me. Say the you give up? Huh, finally.


  • you dissin me you'll be sorry your whole family lives on a safari it's like living with my ex girlfriend ari
  • feels like i'm gonna barf ayy guess what cowabunga dude surf's up dude your last name must be
  • clarks because the way the dog barks don't just stand there take the dog to the park
  • so he can make his mark he could probably save you from a shark where's your birthmark i bet t looks like
  • a carpark ever heard of a catshark she can eat you like a checkmark
  • let's embark the footmark hookmart

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