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  • what is real and what is fake what is real are you tryna make a deal you driving a car and tryna grip the wheel
  • what is fake is life fake is your life at stake is it an earthquake will drake die in the earthquake?
  • wait all i'm doing is just asking questions we all feel like were fake but if you try to tell your family
  • there just gonna say oh this moment is to good to be true no mentally people just don't feel real we feel fake
  • people people like i said in the last song we lost in a dark place yea and it's hard to get out
  • onto the next chapter it's the new year yea so let's try to break out of this place yea let's break out the cage in the dark place


  • Walking through a death camp. Our bunkers all smelled damp.
  • Only light was desk lamp. Bundled up, we felt cramped.
  • This is hell. We were damned. On our skin and fresh brand.
  • Arm is singed. I can't stand. Still climbing with broken hands.
  • Gunshots rang through the land. I feel like an animal.
  • Half my buddies couldn't stand this. They turned into cannibals.
  • I'm holding on for my dear life. My presence was intangible.
  • Why they do this? Can't say. Their logic's not understandable.
  • Oh kid, trying me's like driving through the ocean.
  • Sink like twenty feet and try your doors but they won't open.
  • Take a gun, shoot the gas tank hoping for a moment.
  • Only got a moment with God cuz you died in the explosion.
  • Yeah, the beast has woken.
  • Play me like a game better insert all your tokens.
  • Reaching in your pocket for some money but you're broke jit.
  • Say you use the Trojans but you'll see that I'm a Roman.

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