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Best rhymes wins. Topic: About how you once were that rapper nobody cared bout and how you came to rise up. No diss.

Max of 16 lines


Anonymous won this battle!


  • We all were beginners once. Me, I was the runt of the pack.
  • So many people hated me. This man was under attack.
  • Some people still do hate me but they've moved from the front to the back.
  • They try to diss me saying, "Even this man's dog says he's wack!"
  • When I'm in the room, I don't need an introductory.
  • Just read my battles. You don't even need a summary,
  • I'll smoke rappers and they'll need a long recovery.
  • I beat you rappers. Bleed them out. Call it thuggery.
  • I got new followers. Psycho Puppet, 80HD,
  • Mommy_Milker, Gemtric, DJMALCOLM, my boy Tyeshh.
  • And when people even trying to face me,
  • My KR3W pops out, and on God them rappers die.
  • I noticed, when I rap, I'm a bomb. I make cracks appear.
  • I give emotional wounds. You ain't even that severe.
  • I'm the black Revere. You know what happens here.
  • I say the word and I'm ending them peoples rap career.


  • i remember when i first came on rappad no one cared for my music but now i'm good rapper wouldn't say i'm the best but i'll get there
  • yea i'll get there people i'll keep juice wrld's legacy alive yea because that's my dream
  • people say i can't do it case i'm going to jail fuck that matter fact fuck that feedback
  • ayy so one more thing when i die make sure you put codeine in my casket i'll have a song coming
  • out soon for that called codeine casket bye wish me luck in my batttle

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