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  • ok look i'm the king of this joint look at the way ya'll looking at this snake yall scared
  • because serpent coming after you like a spider monkey
  • so get the fuck out of my way before i eat you with my venom i'm going crazy people hate my guts on here i already
  • know well here let me eat your feelings fuck yo mama yo mama dead i killed her by accident
  • when i was asleep yea i was sleepwalking sike i was awake i just wanted to eat yo mother yea she tasted like chicken that's how your gonna taste
  • look me in the eye i don't recommend that because then you be sorry because then well you be dead
  • i'll be walking out your house with a lot of money still tryna test me another big mistake now
  • if your kid sees me on the news and says that i'm his best friend then i'm gonna come back and you and him bitch
  • yea because i don't like people saying my name bye i just ate you haha


  • You can part of this joint. Try to walk on me but you have arthritis.
  • You go for gold cuz you Midas but I go diamond cuz I'm righteous.
  • Bro your face: priceless. when I beat you cuz your rap is B minus.
  • Shake you up lifeless. Midlife crisis. Talk to me like "Your Highness"
  • Serpent: you trash. Everybody knows that
  • Bro your rhymes are ass. I can make your bones snap.
  • Drop kick you and your whole body goes slack
  • Lost in your mind, you gon' need a road map.
  • Your life is a kodak. Seein' through a frame.
  • Vulnerable. This is why I diss your name.
  • Spider monkey? You sleep you be an ape.
  • Say you superman but you just trippin' on your cape
  • Yeah I'll see you on the news when I see you on a noose
  • You have issues. Cuz you addicted to Juice.
  • You never gonna meet him cuz he's dead so there's no use.
  • Drinking up your pain cuz in t his battle you gon' lose.

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