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  • You a Serpent. You get mad and your tongue flicks.
  • Is this worth it? You'll stop cold when the gun clicks.
  • You sound urgent. You try to rap with numb lips.
  • More like SERVENT. Get played like you drumsticks.
  • You can't even rhyme. SERPENT, now is time.
  • There's no fine line between SERPENT and a mime.
  • Acting like a rapper now I'm wrapping up your lines
  • You an Alpha Capper you be lying to your mind.
  • Tryna walk on ice as I melt it with this fire.
  • Telling all these lies and getting lost like you Will Byers.
  • Tryna find your son? How bout you look for the sun.
  • So you can see everyone who is higher. You big liar.
  • I sensed your blood thicken. Man, you trippin'
  • Acting all cool but you isn't. You chicken.
  • Beating you. No competition. You'll win? Fiction.
  • Your name isn't in the book of the Rap Commission.
  • I'll end it here saying that you'll lose bad.
  • Write a book of your leaving titled Dude's Sad.
  • You want proof? Look at your views. They look trash.
  • Say you Crip but you just wearing a Blue Plaid


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  • the devil's watching over you yea your a devil baby now enjoy your with the devil because you and the
  • devil are on the same level ok bye bye hope you die by your birthday may 9th
  • you think your special but your not your just a hard boiled egg laying on the floor
  • that thinks his life is good but his life is actually very bad so good luck with the devil because the devil is gon beat you until you do want he wants you to do
  • this is the end of me being someone to look after you as your parent because now the devil s your parent
  • so like i said before the devil is watching over you i don't want you anymore your
  • someone i don't need no more so bye bye guess i'll see you in hell if i even go there or die so bye bye

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