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  • Damn Serpent, you too easy to diss. Murder you bitch. You got better verses? You wish. Cuz when I near you, I do this burglar shit. Steal the mic. You'll need to nurture your kids.
  • Vote for me if you think I'm speaking facts, When I say you got not flow. Goofy like Tra Rags. Cracker you got nothin to prove. I'll stay black. Only time I shoot up the room's when I play tag.
  • You too addicted to Juice. You should expect this. You say he's freshest. That's cuz I drink him for breakfast. No homo. I'm not talking bout molestin' Just leave his dead ass alone. Your best ain't best kid.
  • I told you you should add more structure to your raps. You like, "Don't give a fuck sir." Listen to the better ones. Don't be actin' stubborn. So voters: He ain't gon' listen. This court is adjourned.


  • anyone want to die today huh let's die together yea let's fly forever ok enough of the funny business
  • let's get right to it so people want to die they say look up in to the sky people ask me if i'm king yea and it scares me cause i feel like it's my time prime time limelights
  • feel like 'm gonna die no concept's gonna die bitch he thinks he can battle me like a fee sorry
  • but i might be dead jusst me debating if i should battle fuck it if i win i win if i lose i lose that's that serp out

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