Top 100 Raps on RapPad in 2021

Bittersweet ft. Soby
B216 props Recorded
Verse 1 KingOsirs
Conviction mixed with time in the pen become a lifer, past that juncture,
This Clark Kent went from an average man to a fighter in booths,
... and 49 more lines
by KingOsiris
8 months ago 
Myself ft. Valious
158 props Recorded
I dont want none of your love
No Ill be alright by myself
Please tell me what do you want
Cause maybe I just cannot help you
... and 53 more lines
by Fantiago
9 months ago 
154 props Recorded
Don’t let me get in too deep
Cause everything’s out of orbit
Roll with Lions tigers bears
I’m with Goldilocks eating porridge
... and 54 more lines
by Kro
4 months ago 
F143 props Recorded
// Used SoundCloud this time, but if you want to watch with lyrics, you can also watch on Youtube
by Verax_
8 months ago 
Mic Up
B-130 props
I remain redolent with critique and denoted with belief
Souped up on heroin, so I'm precocious with relief
Took junkie(junky) steps like a bin van as I begin to think back
But this display is all for show cuz I got more screens than a multiplex
... and 17 more lines
by Lioncub
7 months ago 
FaZe Up! (Prod. pimpy)
B-128 props Recorded
(Chorus 2x) 0:31
You thought it was Over
(Oh Not Even Close)
We're Just Getting Started
... and 74 more lines
by iTzBato
3 months ago 
Midnight Ride
118 props Recorded
//Hook (Pablo Ray):
You might think that I'm crazy
You might want me to stay the night
but I feel my heart blazing
... and 58 more lines
by Pablo-Ray
7 months ago 
Vision Remix (ft. Sir-Real)
B+117 props 
//verse 1//
I started,not thinking about the future
I rush to tend her, talked as i touch her
Jt: didn't get a gift for her
... and 94 more lines
by Musically
6 months ago 
Rocky Road 2.0 (ft. B. Right) (Prod. by Ryan Giant)
B+114 props Recorded
Life ain't ice cream!
Rocky Road, but life ain't ice cream!
Life ain't ice cream!
... and 99 more lines
by CA_Renegade
8 months ago 
Writer's Block (Ft. -HAZARD-)
B+110 props 
I'm that nigga on the block
Tick tock, darling, tick tock
That's word to ksa i'm trying to make sunnier days
... and 108 more lines
by Musically
8 months ago 
B105 props 
Can't comprehend my vision
Top ranked, number one my son
Going though cycles never achieving your vision
Barely breatin believin that the world is a prison
... and 122 more lines
by Musically
9 months ago 
Old School (ft. Neo-Arno)
B-104 props 
I got bars u lil niggas sell ring
Comprendo? old school titanic flowing
People give a bad fuckin' rap to old-school southern rap,
... and 109 more lines
by Musically
8 months ago 
addicted to the streets
102 props Recorded
follow my soundcloud and insta: sme_phantom
by SMEphantom
4 months ago 
Random written
B+97 props
In ninth grade before addiction really formed a shape
We were just kids, with the mind space for porn and vapes
Some of us had still seen violent rapes, like Norman Bates
Crazy parents make crazy kids, some might say they were born that way
... and 15 more lines
by Khay
7 months ago 
No more
B-93 props
No more life
And no more love
I just wanna do my drugs
No more wishing
... and 54 more lines
by Anti-
9 months ago 
Pity Party (Prod. Brokebwoy)
85 props Recorded
I say I'm soft like linen,
and my shit ain't sticking,
arm tired, retire is what my mind keeps spitting,
... and 35 more lines
by Cavenaugh
9 months ago 
Shut up
B80 props
Shut up, cuz I can't grasp ideals like an intolerant cop
Or, like a damn alpinist, my importunate thoughts go over the top
So when I pullover, don't think it's incidental when I wreck you
Wanna versus me? It's inchoate unless my pad thinks into it cuz it needs the ink, oh wait!
... and 16 more lines
by Lioncub
5 months ago 
The 7 Nations Cypher
A-80 props Recorded
Prodiuced by:
Knb, Hydrobeats, Jakearabble2
Hope you guys like the track and a special thanks to those who participated.
everyone was fire. Do follow them on spotify, soundcloud and other social medias.
... and 103 more lines
by Pablo-Ray
6 months ago 
B-80 props Recorded
im twisted ive been spun around and around
got dizzy love sick i fell to the ground
thought wicked ima take both of us down
... and 30 more lines
by Urameshi
8 months ago 
ROANE - Wilderness
79 props Recorded
Heaven is right here with you
Heaven is right here with you
with you, with you
... and 117 more lines
by Roane
4 months ago 
Numb by StormTheArsonist
B+79 props 
Please don't insult my intelligence
with the fact that you think the truth isn't relevant
to me personally is all poor judgement
... and 38 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
6 months ago 
this world makes me feel lonely
C+75 props
I'm sorry but I couldn't tell you how I feel
I hate this world even though I know it's not real
so if I was upset you'd get mad like what's the big deal
... and 45 more lines
by -Hisoka-
8 months ago 
Moon Rock (feat. Atomikk)(prod. by tomoro)
B-75 props Recorded
I want that moon rock, yeah, yeah
Fly me to the moon, I ain't stoppin' at no rooftops
Nah, I just want to moon walk, yeah, yeah
... and 67 more lines
by Hyde
9 months ago 
C+74 props Recorded
You ain’t gotta waste your time
Know it don’t come cheap
But lately I been working
... and 87 more lines
by Daril
5 months ago 
Save Me
B-74 props 
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
... and 47 more lines
by 80HD
6 months ago 
74 props Recorded
nigga you hear me loud n clear
by ClydeCyrus
8 months ago 
B73 props Recorded
its like hello whats your name
walking on black or white space
... and 42 more lines
5 months ago 
someone new
B72 props 
start~ 0:23~
Im riding down these verses
just like i have any purpose
it's fine honestly worth it
... and 28 more lines
by kikiislost
8 months ago 
Love yourself Remix Feat. GK-TRILL X -Vixlet- X Musically X Khay
B71 props 
//Musically Verse 1//
//start 0:15//
Now heartbreak was the one that was the worst for me,
Got me counting my blessings, it took me a-d to see
... and 156 more lines
by Lil_Chip
about 2 months ago 
B71 props Recorded
Verse 1:
why we in this conflict
stole my heart and ran are you a convict
wish youd try to tune out all the nonsense
... and 33 more lines
by Urameshi
5 months ago 
Dimensional (xLucas ft. @Yxng Zed!)
A70 props Recorded
Far hypothetical, shot its all medical,
spinnin the web, and you know im dimensional,
never conventional, why get all sensible,
askin me why but you know it intentional,
... and 62 more lines
by xLucas
7 months ago 
A-69 props Recorded
Aye, Fantiago
You already know what it is
Real nigga on the set get back
Real nigga on the set get back
... and 84 more lines
by Fantiago
8 months ago 
68 props Recorded
Classic battle.
5 months ago 
B68 props Recorded
she dont trust me
l slipped it in her but cheek
smooth like shea butter
fucking on the monthly the monthly
... and 27 more lines
by Soby
9 months ago 
Live 4 Me
67 props Recorded
Sail away when silhouettes fade I
Been in a race for like all the wrong things
I could tote this draco you don’t wanna be the snake
Ive been in this place for 28 days
... and 51 more lines
by Kro
5 months ago 
B67 props
I know my love really doesn't seem like shit
But to the rest of the world I only feel hatred
My colorful, imaginative mind has faded
Depression creeped in, so much potential wasted
... and 32 more lines
by Anti-
6 months ago 
pretend we never met
67 props Recorded
This ain't an admission of guilt
Just an apology
I burnt all the bridges we built
Cause you promised you'd never
... and 51 more lines
by Plazebo
9 months ago 
Outlaw(Prod. Yung Troubadour)(Leaked)
B65 props Recorded
Sound Engineer: Chris Mullens
Assistant engineer: Chris S.
Cover Art: Sir-Real
Artist: JMdaMizfit
... and 92 more lines
by John-Michael_Hogan
5 months ago 
Hide and Seek
64 props Recorded
Ion mess with no Lunatics, ain't no burying the hatchet
Ain't nothing divine, god-like in a casket
Haters better get back, cause you cant have nun here. Im turning into a bandit
Ouuu Hide and seek? Its hide and seek. No wonder ya ducking low whenever ya see me
... and 20 more lines
by Xclusive
7 months ago 
Beefin with lambs
B-64 props 
Start at (:54)
(Hook: Swear that I just want revenge
drugs got me on edge
Got a bad mouth like french
... and 34 more lines
by lil-cy
9 months ago 
Gnat remix-feat - 80HD
B+64 props 
They say these bars are like COVID (Bars are like COVID)
You get 'em right off the bat (You get 'em right off the bat)
Infected with SARS and Corona (Infected with SARS and Corona)
... and 83 more lines
by D3F7__A_H_B_
9 months ago 
Golden Child
B-63 props 
Went from no one to the Golden child and its plain to see
There was no one there but my mom still believed in me
Now they really love me, had to make my own opportunity
... and 67 more lines
by VigilanteCC
9 months ago 
Crazy Krazy
62 props Recorded
[Verse 1: SPCASSO]
Know just who you work for
End up in a slave trade
You did all that work for
... and 58 more lines
by Spcasso
8 months ago 
Xttasy vs Motto BYOB Battle Session #3
61 props Recorded
Listen to the recording :)
9 months ago 
' P L A N E
B-60 props Recorded
hop in a Ferrari then i hop up in a plane
shorty so dumb cause she always give me brain
she think that i'm playing i ain't playing no games
... and 28 more lines
6 months ago 
Blood Curse
B60 props Recorded
[INTRO] Tupac Interview
I feel as though I'm cheated because
instead of me fulfilling my prophecy I have to start one
instead of me, you know, doing a good job of caring on a empire
... and 65 more lines
by iamkingkelo
8 months ago 
i'm sorry i wasn't there for you
C+59 props Recorded
2017 fell in love again
always in my dreams living in pretend
wanted you with me I miss talking on the phone
ever since I left I been stuck all alone
... and 31 more lines
by vrxkn
7 months ago 
59 props Recorded
by Papikaiser
8 months ago 
Going up [prod.miky]
B+59 props Recorded
Going up
Going to the top
Yea we finna touch the sky
I don't know what's going on
... and 46 more lines
9 months ago 
B-58 props 
i'mma lay a blueprint and plan my comeback
even though it's been a long time, it feels good to be back
that's a fact not a oddity, it's an opinion, my own just me
the time went by, it went pretty quick, haven't put out a solo, what i did was pretty slick
... and 75 more lines
by Musically
7 months ago 
B+58 props
Love is evil it's got me fucked up inside
I'm fucked up debating suicide
Can't tell you the number of nights I've cried
Can't tell you the number of times I've lied
... and 49 more lines
by Anti-
7 months ago 
B57 props
What's the point if they don't love me back,
they are the maniac,
they expect you to stay on track,
... and 59 more lines
by dust-
7 months ago 
57 props Recorded
Pipe dreams, hype schemes, my rhymes so clean
Frosty, cold no Rolex so watch me
Got this snow I cop keys, on a roll I'm Frosty
Bro we don't get cold feet, I'm too icy might freeze
... and 57 more lines
by K-Klipz
7 months ago 
56 props Recorded
//Verse 1
Papa taught me how to spot a monarch
Said if all you ever want can be bought at Wall Mart
You're a hallmark card not a man
... and 74 more lines
by Plazebo
2 months ago 
For Better or for worst
B-56 props Recorded
They say marriage is for better or for worst
Yep she's on X, I called that speed burst
Uh, and how I wish I would've met you first
... and 11 more lines
by Lil_Chip
3 months ago 
MOVE! ft. Ether
56 props Recorded
Don't believe it? Here's the proof
This ain't a beat this is abuse
Or you can leave it if you choose
... and 87 more lines
by K-Klipz
6 months ago 
Dash (Raymix)
56 props Recorded
//Hook (Pablo Ray)
I'm on the road, you know what it go
fast hit the dash when we cruising in the lambo
all black and the tires are chrome
... and 64 more lines
by Pablo-Ray
6 months ago 
B56 props
[Verse 1]
I know that I'm stupid I'm bad at math
people always call me a damn sociopath
if you don't like me just kiss my ass
... and 65 more lines
by Gemtric27
6 months ago 
15 Days (Music Video)
D+56 props Recorded
Creative music video made in my home-office -
for my latest single "15 Days".
Would love feedback!
Its out on Spotify and all platforms.
by Willy_Da_Funky_Kid
6 months ago 
Hood thang
B-56 props
Baby I see you watching
Baby I see you approaching
Can't help but notice you
Cuz I'm looking too
... and 144 more lines
by da_imp
6 months ago 
Equipped By StormTheArsonist Ft Person
A-55 props 
0:10 StormTheArsonist verse:
Who changes weather, The Storm is getting warm, blowing the doors off your cellar
Hyping the industry like a tesla fully equipped, yeah, smell that leather
having competitors shitting cause I'm clever when I putting scripts together
... and 63 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
5 months ago 
B55 props
[Gem: Verse 1]
why is there people that hate
to me they're small as mice
... and 53 more lines
by Gemtric27
6 months ago 
Questions for the System
B+55 props 
How does one succeed when your friends are turning enemies
I hope you hear my plea don't bring no twisted energy
We all pretend to be okay within ourselves
but around every corner lurks our deep dark destinies
... and 33 more lines
by NoCallsign
8 months ago 
Freestyle Rap 3
B-55 props
Im a battle rapper you can't compete with me
You talk shit about my family we will break you're teeth
My word play's so good it'll be hard to breath and make your soul leave!
I got fake friend's that's okay!
... and 32 more lines
by Gemtric27
9 months ago 
Sauce on the beat
C+55 props 
I got sauce on the beat, marinara don't you see
Fresh outfit trynna drip or drown take em to the sea
Pull out that revolver, that 6, that 2x3
Tell ya girl imma lay that wood call me a tree
... and 10 more lines
by Xclusive
9 months ago 
A-55 props Recorded
Who we chopping up?
Who we popping up?
Who we running up?
Let's get them niggas
... and 90 more lines
by Fantiago
7 months ago 
Cruise Control
B-54 props 
**starts at 0:14 seconds**
(Chorus x2)
Key in Ignition she hop in the whip and we (Slide Slide Slide)
Come f*ck wit a nigga the speakers on blast we gon' (Ride Ride Ride)
... and 36 more lines
by CartierrJ
about 1 month ago 
Who Did It? [FEAT. Akillo] (PROD. Manuel)
54 props Recorded
8 months ago 
Gnat Remix (Prod. ManIAC)
B+54 props Recorded
Taking these shots at Corona I step up, bitch better hold my beer
Knock me down, go round after round, till we blackout like we full of fear
My bars leave you wasted, swerve off track cause you lack, we couldn't steer
... and 17 more lines
9 months ago 
'running is the surest way to fall' prod. lee
B53 props Recorded
//Verse 1
I been acting sorta strange as it plays out
Tryna shoulder blame for the grey clouds
I'ma go insane in like a day now
... and 57 more lines
by Plazebo
4 months ago 
Testify (feat. Roane)
B+53 props Recorded
//Hook [Hyde]
Y’all don’t want no smoke, gon’ and step aside
If you ain’t on the wave now, get left behind
I ain’t gonna lie, this is genocide
... and 88 more lines
by Hyde
6 months ago 
B-53 props Recorded
Intro: yeah ok ok ok
the way you treating me is so typical
you get what you want and im miserable
... and 23 more lines
by Urameshi
7 months ago 
Know-It-All Remix ft. YNB_PropagandaWrld
C+53 props 
why do you have to be a know-it-all?
i don't give a fuck if you're big, or ten times tall
no one cares, keep that shit to yourself
... and 106 more lines
by Musically
9 months ago 
B-53 props Recorded
If I ever said I love you
Just know I rarely mean it
Cause words don’t mean shit
If the action never seen it
... and 65 more lines
by Fantiago
7 months ago 
Sometimes Ft. SeaJay
A-52 props Recorded
Can't tell if I'm coming or going
Can't tell if I'm running from no-one
... and 113 more lines
by Trusc
11 days ago 
Classic Love Story
B-52 props 
boy meets a girl
tell her she's the prettiest in the world
they date, get marry, get a career, and some kids, and blah, blah, blah
... and 119 more lines
by Musically
6 months ago 
The Way I Feel
B-52 props 
Ay yall know who it is it ma niggas onna track yall know
Spin thi shit hollon hollon
Yall niggas know what i feel
... and 143 more lines
by Hood-Walkaz
8 months ago 
Done is done Feat. GK-Trill
B+51 props 
(Verse 1)//Khay//
They always said that words can't hurt ya until these bars dropped
Now there's a murderer on the loose, and it looks like your alarm's off
How could you know that your spare key isn't where you placed it
... and 36 more lines
by Khay
6 months ago 
Demon Time
B50 props Recorded
we fuck she brings her friends man it look like paparazzi
I be sipping on this wakki bitch im walking like a zombie
bitch im dripping head to toe looks like Abercrombie
... and 53 more lines
about 1 month ago 
pinnacle of society
B+50 props Recorded
Get out my way I gotta keep focus
Went from driving Honda’s to driving locusts
rap without meaning means that it’s soulless
Main reason I influence so many to produce
... and 25 more lines
by Lilpoetic
5 months ago 
50 props Recorded
Let's be real! I hope you enjoyed the song and took at least one line from it to remember. This song was the first one I've ever recorded...
Prod. by Kurt Skrt and Nexus Sound Studios
Let’s be real, what’s the point of makin music if I can’t help someone heal?
Or maybe feel inspired, just by playin certain songs I decide to reveal.
... and 65 more lines
by Kurt_Skrt
6 months ago 
Kamikaze ft K-Klipz (Mix by KAZZ)
A50 props Recorded
People try to stop me, but me im kamikaze,
Just braindead, like a zombie, not wrapped up, like a mummy,
People know Im smart, like i am just like ghandi, hit hard, like a tsunami
... and 53 more lines
by etherneverland
7 months ago 
Call Me Whenever Feat. Renji
B50 props
You texted and said I cheated but you know I would never
I've been thinking and I want you to know we'll last forever
why won't you text back or call cause you can call me whenever
... and 28 more lines
by Khay
7 months ago 
Well (prod. STXRMIIX)
B+50 props Recorded
I ain't doing well since the first day that I met you
Difference in my slide I ain't bite I ain't get you
Baby Ion press, but you been pressing the issue
Maybe I should see the Instagram, but I ain't there to
... and 34 more lines
by NextApollo
6 months ago 
Just Hold Me
50 props Recorded
I’ll be the stitches to your scars babe
Just hold me, just hold me
I’ll be the stitches to your scars babe
Just hold me, just hold me
... and 69 more lines
by elywaves
9 months ago 
Stopping me?!
B48 props Recorded
lately i think theres no stopping me
dodging all the hate it dont work on me
i could switch my flow its on hercules
... and 21 more lines
by Urameshi
5 months ago 
Demons In Human Form (REMIX)
B48 props
There was so much good shit in the last one, just—
You know what I mean?
Everybody do it different
... and 73 more lines
by Gemtric27
7 months ago 
Elmo Burno
B+48 props 
In my all black, call me Batman, no Joker
Be Robin these niggas, get hit with my poker
Be saving these bitches, the Dynamic Duo
These niggas be wildin, im not talking Uno
... and 45 more lines
by 7Kingzz
8 months ago 
Run It Up (I'm All In)
B47 props 
**starts at 0:13 seconds**
(Chorus) x2
Champagne Champagne
All Black New Range
... and 50 more lines
by CartierrJ
29 days ago 
Some Type of Way
47 props Recorded
[Chorus x2: Dougie]
Got you feeling some type of way
I know you fuckin with me
Yeah I'm gonna make it to the top
... and 101 more lines
by Trusc
8 months ago 
Mission Statement
B-46 props 
have you thought about whats after life?
the world we know, trust me, it ain't nice
every single thing you see, feel, and taste has a price
so take in this embrace and whats next for your life, take a trace
... and 95 more lines
by Musically
about 2 months ago 
B46 props Recorded
I fly with the stars of the sky
Can't land little roller, I keep the fly
You other brothers can’t deny
Them other niggas smoke, they ain't this high
... and 8 more lines
by Lil_Chip
2 months ago 
Bright And Early
46 props Recorded
Take a little step right through the minds eyes
Shine bright lights as you view the skylight
Ain't used to my type
The new is my type
... and 99 more lines
by Trusc
3 months ago 
B-46 props Recorded
You say you need me then you leave me
I can't help but to feel so empty
This isn't what I expected
... and 22 more lines
by Flakez
6 months ago 
B46 props Recorded
it seems you underestimate me
climbing up these levels, i’m progressing daily
never gonna settle, not unless you pay me
claiming you’d do better but i bet you playing
... and 39 more lines
by lil-pot
6 months ago 
B+46 props Recorded
everyday im learning
magic like im erving
had to much yo drink
hop in whip im swervin
... and 61 more lines
by Stock
6 months ago 
The Basement
46 props Recorded
You cold souls forever slave to your animus,
I chose purest path that's magnanimous,
animate aura blast thou shalt not trade hands with us
... and 64 more lines
by KingOsiris
7 months ago 
R.I.C.O Freestyle
B+46 props Recorded
Just woke up in a beamer
X6 All Drive Features
Coulda opped out on the choice
Yeah I coulda gone a lil bit cheaper
... and 57 more lines
by Fantiago
7 months ago 
C-46 props Recorded
Song inspired by the whole vibe of winter - any feed back apresh,
go stream anywhere out on all platforms.
by Inscanity
7 months ago 
Mental Self Harm
B46 props
What happens when that knife goes too deep?
Blood grapples with the tears at my feet.
Death pretends to be the antidote that I seek.
I see it's tricks but I don't care that its lying.
... and 25 more lines
by Poisonous_Antidote
8 months ago 

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