The 7 Nations Cypher

• Written by  • Featuring Akillo, Namiii, Roane, ScotlandsGreatest, SeaJay, and Trusc

Prodiuced by:
Knb, Hydrobeats, Jakearabble2
Hope you guys like the track and a special thanks to those who participated.
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Song dropping on other platforms around April 7th.
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//ScotlandsGreatest – Scotland
back on the track people lack what I pack
people slack while I stack talk your crack get a smack
or a right hook you might look
for a fight crook at night took, pages from my book
if I fuck up and miss Wilson will duck and twist
stainless steels give out brainless feels
left them to bleed out I speed out they plead out
lying and dying is that your moms name you're crying
every Scottish kid is a samurai
let me tell ya why our knife game will damn a guy
knives in socks at five just to stay alive
few have survived in the world of the deprived
when I appear its clear my sheer
will gives the fear oh dear the mere thought you disappear
living in your mind rent free all at your consent gee
bent knee cause the greatest meant me
//Trusc – England
Lived in two countries
And twenty separate cities
And Im never too hungry
I went and wrecked the limits
Now I know that I was hunting
And god I gotta get it
Gotta get gold for the gold coast
Lived in Brisbane innit
Winning every minute
Thinning out the competition
I was spinning complex writtens,
As I'm grilling, not a chicken
Went to england now I'm in it
Winning innings like it's cricket
Imma inking letters, linking legends,
Hitting up the business
On a cypher writing high
Hyping life
You know I like it like
I might just die
Fire like a
Lightening strike
But I hit twice
You say I don't find your eye
You're mighty blind
Right am I,
Broken down but I had a hope and
Opened loud to a cloud of smoke now
Fake friends with the loudest nope I'll
Open doors but the handles broken
Floating sounds with a dab of Chopin
Dope in crowds, I'm the man who spoke out
Choke it down, like a can of coke but
I'll coax it out, so grab your coat now.
//SeaJay – Ireland
Lyrics coming soon
//Nami – Spain
Lyrics coming soon
//Akillo – Portugal
yep 1 sec
Break loose
Wake you and break rules
Way too wasteful to save you
Faithfull i'm the god you should prey too
Make new ways just to produce
And great news the rates move
I will race you in grey shoes erase you
Afraid too see this bat rage loose
Great scott great bruce
(Thank you)
I treat beef like im starving
She for the streets why the fuck you still sobbing
Son you got to breathe fuck the water get to mopping
Son you got dreams and these hoes have options
Son you got to get your bag the streets is an entrapment
Hear you got a stash and track your ass to your apartment
Quick grab and dash when you left was just the moment
The homie Marcus got your back but he like what happened
He will promise that you will get your shit back and you will manage
Realising that you bankrupt leaves you damaged
Till you see Marcus with the shit that was vanished
Then your train of thought de rails who gonna act the fastest
//Roane – US
Coming soon
//Pablo Ray – India
Did you really think that ima stop now
traveling places with my music while your on lockdown
lock's down your joint is probably gonna pop now
l am the fusing it already cuz i got this hip hop down
Huh, I caughed and it's you who's causing my asthma
I smelled your track it was such a lyrical miasma
last but I spell cast not magic maya's my
trick and it's deep cuz my lyrics are chasmal
ain't nobody can copy not me
my lyrics coming at you like a circket ball be
lofty crafty making all of you awfully
mad, like your head I'm making rappers go off beat
ashwathhama on a beat I'm immortal
apex predator my wraith is gonna open up a portal
when it sees you it's gonna cross the line quarantine
dimensional quarrels detecting it from India
got the warrant so call me foreign sick (forensic)

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