Pity Party (Prod. Brokebwoy)

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I say I'm soft like linen,
and my shit ain't sticking,
arm tired, retire is what my mind keeps spitting,
but I keep throwing, zoned in the motion,
enclosed in emotion, kinda desire to float with the ghost's or
oh shit,
quote on quote,
"act like my parents and cure it with potions",
oh shit,
if the toes fit, I mean shoes,
act like they don't and just throw them,
throw fits,
random tantrums to your inner anthems,
deny all the truths and your sinner fandoms, and um and um and um
pitter patter, doesn't matter if you running faster,
a cowards a coward,
but higher the speeds tend to make it sadder,
I say women badder if they went through shit,
minus times minus makes positive,
double negative,
damn I'm negligent,
never careful with who I am letting in, its preventative but
too many kin turn to sedatives,
if the world ain't our dream lets pretend it is,
avoiding my truth, time to let it in,
cant understand when unaware of it,
when I was a kid where was peppa pig though,
shit so,
feeling like cynical schizos
riddle of big lows, bit slow, finna go tip toe,
round the ol kin folk, shit shows, poppin ol' pintos n lentils
id say that I'm sad but I been so,
this struggles like getting off benzos, panic at work but I needing my rent thoughm
needing my hair on my chest grown
cant play all of my cards and then fold,
lots of thoughts of throwing out the towel
watch, the ref call the fight when I'm dead cold
when my bodies the temp of the mood of a women who friend zones

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