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//Verse 1
Papa taught me how to spot a monarch
Said if all you ever want can be bought at Wall Mart
You're a hallmark card not a man
Hope when you evolve you work hard to understand
I'm the father of a handful
Used to scrape the bottom of the can too
You ain't the first of my spawn to be a damn fool
Stand true; and show me what you got
That's why we brought you out here into the melting pot
Could never help but drop
As low as you can go inside the melting pot
Was it a test from god
Or just another endless problem
Being tossed from one end of the spectrum across and
Left in the dust with my heart in my clutches
I put my hardships in dozens of little bottles and chug it
Cause I been harboring something
That needs abolishing quick
I'm just a product of the gospel and a bottomless pit
I hope one day these crutches
Make me something
Worth the debts
My mama paid to keep this hateful cunt from
Certain death
Now I'm amazed at what it takes
To be a person yet
its oddly effortless
Being a Nervous wreck
//Verse 2
What to do when youve noone to turn to
Only monsters and ghosts in your circle
Is the best you can hope for the worm food
Or do you learn how to cope with your hurdles
Do you melt in the palms of your own hands
Pick someone and slow dance
Maybe start a romance
A couple nomads always on the road
Can't stop clyde an bonnie
Less you shot em where they both stand
Its odd you broke your promise
Never to become the trope you know is heartless
Never to be one of those like ol adonis
Tryna change the world with a tightrope and a joker card
Its straight to the moshpit
Cause you deserve a beatin'
Excuse me sir
He'll have what the herd is eating
Cause he been turning cheeks
For seven hundred thirty weeks
Ever since this nerdy little worry beacon
Learned to speak
It hurts to see
The man in my reflection is the worst of me
Beneath the surface I been purging demons certainly
But it's absurd to think I'll ever be the perfect being
So I'ma turn a bleak situation
Into a whole new vibe
Bound to reach across this freezing nation
Yes I can be complacent
That's why I stay the same
some days
I think my brain is just a paperweight
My heinous ways will never be erased
I'll remember to my grave every memory I claimed
Every friend I ever pushed away
And enemy I've made but
The recipe to change
Is not forgetting where I came from
Yes it's been a great long life
But Im still young
So it's fine if I'm still dumb
Ima build sumn
Find a way to feel sumn
Get me?
I'ma reinvent the real
God bless me

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