Bittersweet ft. Soby

• Written by  • Featuring Soby

Verse 1 KingOsirs
Conviction mixed with time in the pen become a lifer, past that juncture,
This Clark Kent went from an average man to a fighter in booths,
Zip the Gore-tex fittest, jog my frontal cortex, a hiker with moves,
Backpacker standards, pressed against the spine like a bad mass of cancer had to
Close book reinvent that was last chapter,
Opportunity? Bitch never waits when I blast past her,
Quit wasting talent, try to be great, I like my Dad's answer,
But hell-bound, down a rabbit hole of self doubt,
Drive would sputter around and swerve, blood spill would melt out,
Bio math catches quick,
same age as idols when they pissed all over milestones to attain you start to crack within
Depression What else should I factor in
dentures jail the voice as I crack a grin satisfaction a passive whim
Spent more time and money than I get out, that's a massive sin
Now you can say I'm not as passionate
Like passing thru the honeymoon phase flaws start to crack the complexion
shape the image of a shattered person start slacking they use that as a weapon
The Game show claiming another rapping contestant
fear they'd steer my craft into a wackish direction,
Aimless chasing,
praises from the circle, That's a bait for fools,
Same who will say you're great, no honest critique validation allure
But never pray for you, perfection journey is a date for 2
mark the date in tombs for I might wake up soon
Resurrect never late for doom survivors consume,
fish the stream, learn to make your food
Making damn certain my children will never go hungry,
fueled renewal on case pursuits
"appeal" pulls me back as if "fruitless" labor's what I'm made to do
Verse 2 Soby
remember tears falling down my cheeks
Thought I had it all, till life robbed everything from me
On god, went full circle went from life back to death
Put down the pen and my path, I second guessed it
Am I meant for the rap game? Or put behind a desk
Scratched every page that I wrote, constantly said
that I am not the next one, locked up in eternal darkness
Blocking off my friends tryna make gold out of garbage
Smoking dope getting high, fucked bitches til they dry,
yea that's a bad setting, now I see that I was blind
Honestly can't rectify the actions I had demonstrated
Medicated, staving off the pain til I've levitated
So what changed? A spur of luck from the bottom of the soul
saying this here not the place you finna go
no reflection or the parent yeah you make that life your own
Yeah I feared failing, everyday, on a bounce back
Cutting ounces from the grass and baddest bitches that I had,
yeah distracted no it wasn't writer's block, it fucking cracked
grabbed the pen, play the beat, told myself to dig deep
Now I'm back and better, tell em that the path is bittersweet...

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