pretend we never met

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This ain't an admission of guilt
Just an apology
I burnt all the bridges we built
Cause you promised you'd never
Dishonor me
I knew the risk
Broken hearts
A few cut wrists
And a pros and cons list
Now I walk this road I'm on with
A closed fist
Feeling like a soul in bondage
So hold em hostage
Every damn thought that you don't aknowledge
Never stand by as your own subconscious
Pushes over all the dominos and topples
Every stone you propped up
Back then
You were just the neighborhood fool
Did what ever made you look cool
Guess that's why I liked you
I was in the same mood
Act like i was in a dang movie
I thought you knew me
I mean the gentler side
My prideless defensive side
Thought you admired I pretend to thrive
With a few screws loose
And these friendly eyes
But in time
I found that you werent special
You were just
The universe's way to make me
Prove I'm metal
And now I'm looking back
Every single day I did some bullshit that I shouldn't have
you're among the lot
Of memories I'd rather have forgotten
So pretend we never talked
And I'll pretend we never met
I saved your life
But I know you dont give a shit
Youre in your ivory tower
I'm on my knees for another
You were the final encounter
Before I reached from the gutter
But now my life is a fountain
And I been bathing in wine
Just a blindfolded clown
Always changing his mind
So I'll just leave it at that
I hope youve had your worst days
Dont text me happy birthday

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