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KingOsirs grill em the spit is colgate,
scalp genius wipe heir of my region that shit is Rogaine,
And I know the Fakers hate, call it J. Smollet,
looking sun kissed, the tongue French shining soleil
Truth be told the dope bars catch some head wind flow over
Every, list you're in(listerine) top it whenever my breath mints
just gonna go on ahead with, saying that my head width
swole float, walk off airs like Shep Smith,
Gimme my checks bitch!
The Business, nothing half finish no choosing that,
except the last bitch I left with cream face Gucci Mane,
ottoman sitting with thoughts that im fishing,
bet my copper heads are worth pretty millions none of them missing
autopsies dropped bodies don't know where to place victims,
the cause be on the charts boy im straight sickness
like Comedy after Cosby got the charge
trust the games image aint touch the same music hits different,
It aint hard to tell what affected me,
Big Notorious arrested me,
chronic had my possessions seized,
reasonable doubt set me free,
Doom Madvillainy peppered over completes my recipe,
Labels smell the money in a heady sweep hunger of a yeti feast
Till im kicking with the goats like Pele deeds,
something different, must be the money on some Nelly Feats
running limits, surpass little steps no heavy feet,
Toe to toe with moguls I want my office in ovals,
Go president on this sorry awkward circle of hopefuls
I Adopt the Earth my vocals, ray of bands in my focals
Summer sun glasses champagne a toast over my totals
Pop hadokens the flock was open,
reuse it? Sure you can my ted talk is open,
Apocalyptic future bet they'll street fight over my scriptures,
date my transaction on frauds, the only swipe right like tinder
Get the picture? I'm beyond profile, this that
Westnile prickish side whenever I go wild,
no blood suck me into that crypt bound lifestyle
right smiles, purists get corner to corner like a bad child

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