Shut up

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Shut up, cuz I can't grasp ideals like an intolerant cop
Or, like a damn alpinist, my importunate thoughts go over the top
So when I pullover, don't think it's incidental when I wreck you
Wanna versus me? It's inchoate unless my pad thinks into it cuz it needs the ink, oh wait!
Like a German sausage, guess I've got a knack for the worst(Wurst)
But still I'm flabbergasted at the flab of your girth
Like a renege, guess I've got a way(away) with the words
I'm watering you hoes(hose) down since you're a drag through the dirt
So get a move on or stay rooted to the spot
Like a feisty radical(radicle), while I'm en route to the top
Instead of provin' I'm hot, I'd rather prove that I'm not
You're the human torch, going to blazes like the hothead you are
Unless you wanna be scapegoated with all the goats I ossify
The air will be like the streets, too hot to hold your life
But the remaining embers of these verses left incensed it
Like Pinocchio's nose, my ken knows(nose) no bounds so prepare to be left insensate
Call me the blender, cuz there's no one greater(grater) than the lines that I shred
Or the verses I create, a mind-boggling threat
You sniveling queers, I've seen better heads on nickel beers
Blunt as a pinch bar, other words you got some price(pries) on thy head [ha!]

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