Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


BYOB style. We both using verses that were intended for different opponents

Max of 64 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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  • I was preppin for this on Sunday, laughed a bit because im knowin that
  • I can't even diss this cunt's face cause he looks like me when I was smokin crack
  • Up in the stairwell I had my step brother help me hurry N set this up
  • This Will be Ferrel, we'll dub this the battle of the curly headed fucks
  • I got so many golden bars, Fort Knox owners are tryna capture me
  • While you over here holdin jars, for cock strokers at the sperm factory
  • Dude's got his mouth open hopin to catch a talented rapper seed
  • But he grabbed the wrong dick and it ended in a catastrophe
  • You're of the wacker breed, no wonder a psycho wanted you to battle me
  • He'd have to be to think this won't be a blowout endin with you skidaddling
  • Ya many names proves to be challenging but lemme remind you of what's happening
  • The true reason for Motto cancelling is cause he didn't even know who he was battling
  • So now you're against me, great. All ya raps are unlisted i cant see straight
  • Yousa rap battle cheap skate, more incomplete than games from EA
  • You blowin smoke like rippin the e brake doing a buck twenty on the freeway
  • If ya hopin for any leeway you stand as much a chance as a buck runnin in a street race
  • I'm a grille master chef in PA and cook up mean fuckin cheese steaks
  • He's a lil bastard left with three names and always deletes the trash he makes
  • I wield spatulas finessin at elite rates heatin' all of these fakes
  • I will snatch you up to kill the stench that be made by the filth of this grease stain
  • My name sounds like I sleep, that's true, but I dream lucid so I'll see this through
  • Your name sounds like a sneeze, ah-choo! Benadryl's all I need to breeze past you
  • You can't even compete with dudes that aren't able to defeat the Snooz
  • What's the motto/matter? Need the proof? Imma need some lube to grease this douche
  • Watch me hush this fool like a speaker do with bass thunderin groovy beats atchu'
  • We bout tah' dub you Pikachu's slow ass cousin once Snoozy BeatsDachu
  • Outta you cause I'm speakin to you Jack Musson bring me some heat my dude
  • Or I'll snatch up ya lifeforce seein you fade to jack nothin' like cheap feet tattoos


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  • Go home old man you built ya name off smoke and mirrors but people nowadays really know how sense is
  • Today the general consensus is that I was sent to leave you senseless with a single sentence
  • Oh you thought this was the clash of the titans, aye? You gettin washed with the crash of a tidal wave
  • You think you knockin my ass into cyberspace...from ya rockin chair next to the fireplace?
  • Let me guess I’m gonna “lyrically get slayed?” You always been weak with the pen game
  • But honestly it just makes me laugh only way I get a kick outta what sense say/sensei
  • You sound like you tell ya grandchildren bout “the good ol days of the confederacy”
  • Well try steppin to me and I’m Adam Copeland in a wrestlin league I got an edge in the ring
  • I know you gonna say something like, “Yo I admit you got some great lines puppet...”
  • “But I ain’t fuckin with him he ain’t my cousin.” You know you would say that let’s not waste time frontin
  • You ain’t gettin the profit you be dressin in frocks but still desperate to talk bout how you carry the glock
  • Here’s a tip quit puttin on this street performance before I fuck around and put toosense/two cents in a box
  • Ya battle rhymes are asinine send you to the afterlife
  • Put ya whole connect through the roof and call it satellite
  • Every verse fire I open up ya chest then I’m a church choir I just play with ya organs
  • How’s this for a mental picture? Leave half ya face missin I’m paintin ya portrait
  • The new users never even heard of you homie but you still think you the hot shot
  • Just a lost soul that’s been left behind who kept actin like a giant till ya stock/stalk dropped
  • Wanna claim you the GOAT? We need a reason you write all these lines but we can read between em
  • But since you left my stock rose buddy they really look into this fire for the deeper meanin
  • What you consider legacy is now a distant memory burnt into smithereens
  • As the trailer park boys mourn for you all by themselves and whisper, “Rest in peace”
  • While you was movin in a circle I moved up levels with it
  • You ain’t ballin fuck ya wrists I leave ya blood vessels drippin
  • Know what rhymes with peace and serenity? The screams of my enemies
  • So think before you step to me I’m leavin a legacy of thought provokin quotes deep as the seven seas
  • So for thinkin you rappin better I’m the tax collector this ya mandatory payment
  • As you stand before me shaken like a statutory rapist runnin back the courtroom statement
  • I been ready to kill for two years what you thought I would forget?
  • Duckin is not what I expect if we callin him a vet
  • Well now I’m comin back like Lazarus to enter that psycoses
  • Oh you the rappin master bitch? Then best the hand that wrote this
  • But you beatin me? Don’t let’s be silly! That’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
  • You ol dirty south “speak english in my country” neo nazi prolly call bubba sparxxx “mein fuhrer”
  • Well the GOAT spittin fire I’m a chimera I’m here to bring the ending of ya life nearer
  • You don’t know who you fuckin with battlin me
  • I poke holes in ya lungs so that they can breath
  • In a pillow fight you would get left with an open wound my flow is smooth the sound is like butter
  • Catch me poundin ya mother better run if sense/cents smart or else he Pennywise leave this clown in the gutter
  • “You will feel the full wrath and aftermath” I take it you really wanna scare em
  • You a merciless killer on an internet forum but do you act the same way with ya daughters, Erich?
  • Look at ya self in the mirror and admit to ya self that you really need help
  • You told me not to diss ya daughters but with this persona you diss em ya self
  • I think a family of my own would be nice someday with children I could love and cherish, honestly
  • And so I take a look at you and remind myself what kind of parent not to be
  • I watched my father walk into a burnin building to save the people inside
  • I’m watchin you throw ya life away be a man and be the father they need in their life
  • A couple years ago my head was in a dark place I felt conflicted with anger, guilt, fear
  • I thought about my family and that’s the reason I’m still here
  • Now I wish the best for ya daughters I ain’t want em to have that crazy mind
  • I encourage to leave ya old ways behind and take the time to raise em right
  • He logs on and he’s toosense, tough as nails, you better call em the king
  • Logs off and he’s Erich Meyers, a man attached to lost hopes and impossible dreams
  • This world teaches people not to act like themselves celebrities are paid to lie to you bout ya worth
  • Sense a victim who fell for what the media write we just need these stars to get down to earth
  • Never cryin ain’t what make you tough you a man when cryin ain’t something you scared to admit
  • Everybody think it’s cool to carry a 9 till they see a man get carried by 6
  • But even here you became irrelevant the changin of the guard is somethin you just have to accept
  • So since you only got Toosense/two cents to ya name I figured I would send you a reality check

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