Battles  PsychoPuppet vs Snoozy


Round 4.

Max of 16 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • Round 4
  • Get some more
  • Of this powerful rap
  • When you rap no one will clap
  • Snoozy
  • More like losey
  • Or addicted to boozey
  • Rap or don' t ruin everyone's day
  • You choosey
  • I'm Brain Busta and I'm gonna kill
  • When it comes to rapping you have no skill
  • So go and take a rap good pill
  • I'm gonna mash you and eat you like a picnic on a hill
  • This rap will give you a chill
  • You're going to lose right now
  • You try to rap but you just don't know how


  • Sit down amateur! You are an unworthy challenger
  • I'm spectacular! This be the fourth day on the calendar
  • That my massacre brings the thunder to this motherfucker
  • Bitch ass lil buster, a youngster who lives in a dumpster
  • Along with them tarnished garbage stuttered rhymes of his
  • Ive acknowledged you're less than average I got advantage
  • If we were in politics you would be the worst debator
  • I'm the best at everything I do like Schwarzenegger
  • You're in danger because you're a failure and I'm just greater
  • Bust lyrical shots at me, they'll deflect like I'm the terminator
  • You're a perpetrator like you ran into cops from House Party
  • Just a stupid stranger, Kid. Probably like to snort smarties
  • My karate reminds everybody of Ralph Macchio
  • Everybody pictures you in a scenario as a cameo
  • You bust brains? I headbutt crates like my name is Mario
  • You're so much lame. Can't find dates and lose to me. I'm sorry bro.

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