Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


Round Ten

Max of 18 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • Yo Brainbusta! How many verses did you sell so far?
  • Are they bad enough now that they sell to tards? Well phone cards
  • Are expensive too but nobody needs an expense in you
  • An incomprehensive dude who already knows his defense is screwed
  • You get fame everytime that I mention you so Im helping you
  • You already know what you fell into but must love defeat like you selling shoes
  • I'm well and rude when in all reality youre just selling nudes
  • To creepy pedophiles on your SoundCloud that be yelling "whooo!"
  • Like the nature boy you'll get slapped in a figure four and fingered sore
  • And mouthfucked till your gizzard tore and your raps remain a filtered bore
  • I wrote this to the beat of a blizzard roar on a billiard board
  • You compare like a lot lizard whore while Im defined as heat from desert storm
  • I bitch slap, you lick sack. Im a pimp named slickback youre just riff raff
  • Imma hit back, youre just a knick knack. I spit facts while you writ acts
  • Imma get mad and you won't know what to do fag with ya crew sad
  • You better apologize like Steve urkel bitch "did I do that?"


  • Yo Snoozy do you remember when I battled you a few months ago
  • You only won from drugs but it's time to pay the piper like Marilyn Monroe
  • You ain't published a rap in 3 months you on writer's block or some shit
  • You think the rhymes you're using against me are good but they're dumb shit
  • And now you say that you've arisen from the depths of the Mighty Doom Tomb
  • But my lyrics are lit like dynamite get the hell outta my boom room
  • I've told all of y'all before that you ain't in my flex zone cause you suck
  • Don't play around with me cause boy I ain't your rubber duck
  • You're out of your mind insane thoughts are psychopathic
  • Cause you think you can beat me now anywhere even the attic
  • But guess what you're wrong like you almost always are
  • You ain't got bars and with lyrics like yours you ain't gonna get far
  • You can't grip on to the rap game you're so weak you can't even grip on horse bones
  • Can't believe you're fighting someone like me welcome to the real warzone
  • You were too scared to fight me maybe that's why I'm the one who sent the challenge
  • Spittin' fire like a dragon and I'll slaughter you with just my talons

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