Battles  PsychoPuppet vs Snoozy


BYOB: Into the Breach Once More

Max of 64 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


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  • Oh this gonna be a body I ain't going light here
  • I'll bring hell to snooze that's why I'm his worst nightmare
  • Now his head full of dread like Post Malone's
  • Use ya head and catch that fire Home Alone
  • I'll just crunch his neck and punch till he's dead
  • Think Elmo's World puppet covered in red
  • I'll come to your house and pick your nose with a gun
  • Know what rhymes with Snoozy? Who gives a fuck
  • You wanna real battle well tell me how you feel
  • I'll give ya beef with some spice get all up in yo/jalapeno grill
  • At the carnival I'll steal ya soft pretzel and then bite away
  • Cause when I'm poppin' I'm a threat like metal in the microwave
  • This pen make you wanna bail/bale like a farmer buying hay
  • But you still lowkey/Loki my brother sike this ain't the viking days
  • You can't talk to my soul you know you could never scare a guy
  • "Arisen from the depths of the Mighty Doom Tomb" yeah I'm fuckin terrified
  • Da feet bars in our last battle I knew you was washed
  • I'm bout to push ya temples in like when the tribes would fall
  • And now I'm bringin the end of your life so yeah I guess you might panic
  • Cause you got the king in ya boat I'm hijackin/high Jack in this Titanic
  • And snooze if you ain't careful then I could kill ya with one rhyme
  • Your legal name is Roger Shirley that's the punchline
  • Compared to this shit y'all never saw a body
  • I'll put Roger in a box like a walkie talkie
  • I'll bite you on the nose if you try and give me a bear hug
  • Hit ya with the right on any corner if you wanna square up
  • Your favorite food's balogna and your favorite movie's air bud
  • I never even been but you make me hate Madera
  • So now that I got another easy win
  • I'mma rise up from the tier that I'm in
  • I'm calling out all the top tier and vets
  • Watch as I put all of those guys in check
  • But now back to snoozy this trashy ol waste
  • Enjoy your fabulous stay in a casket or grave
  • You were looking for opponents in the forums I just laughed
  • Cause that was a great impression of you looking for your dad


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  • I've been bullying Psycho Puppet since he was still busting brains
  • For him to beat me, my lyrics would have to go up in flames
  • After this loss, you gonna wield a razor blade cutting veins
  • I dubbbz/I dub you an emo faggot what are you? fucking gay?
  • Ten battles in, this bitch never bested me and secondly
  • If I'm the boss you're the first enemy gettin' leveled see
  • In the rap game I'm the entity worthy of an effigy
  • While you just take ecstasy and literally F a G
  • This FAG gonna get burnt when I bring up how he S a D
  • It's SAD Psycho's depressed when his trash lyrics are next to me
  • He's the lesser breed so I let him rant to me just yesterday
  • He was bawling bout choking on the density of his uncle Chester's seed
  • Unless there's weed there's no need for a drug vendor
  • Got money in the bank like the number one contender
  • Fuck the maker, this pretender gonna meet his ender
  • Stick yo dick in a blender to actually create a third gender
  • I'll make you tremor Psycho so much so that you'll make a typo
  • If I'm a motion picture you're no more than a slideshow
  • So much hype bro coming from my tongue you'd think I'm a dyke hoe
  • Running rappad like a circus high and low while you just a sideshow
  • Ya girl's my side hoe, you're my rival, and I studied Tae-bo
  • Wanna fight bro? Ten losses deep and you're still in denial
  • Shut your pie hole, I got a rifle if you're feeling suicidal
  • Sleep's the cousin of death so battling me's bad for your survival
  • I'd tell ya more about myself but this ain't our first rodeo
  • Man claims he's crazy psychotic but he ain't even a socio
  • Listen Pinocchio I hope ya know, you gonna croak fo' show
  • Because when you say that you can defeat me your nose will grow
  • I feel like a father figure battling these kids I'm older than
  • But now Snoozy's sick of your shit go cry in the corner damn
  • They call you Psycho? Is it because you got no order man?
  • Or is it cause you as dumb and annoying as a midget in Borderlands?
  • Lets target the puppet part so i can tear you the fuck apart
  • You're a fucking Muppet, smart. You're controlled by the dumbest tards
  • Which explains the funnest part, you're too late to ever come this far
  • I'm already on rappad like a drunken czar I fucking run the bars

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