Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


Round Five. Will you finally beat me?

Max of 40 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • In reality you lack individuality
  • And actually you rap simply practically
  • Unoriginal, you lack personality
  • You're dastardly rhymes don't deserve a gallery
  • Thats factually while my raps are savagery
  • My mastery brings in no fucking salary
  • Your fantasy is working in a factory
  • So basically, you'll never amount to me
  • Probably living in the streets got no house keys
  • Your family kicked you out the doghouse to see
  • You hopefully be inspired to be one dealing weed
  • But you're forever a mutt, an inferior breed
  • Couldn't even succeed at dealing weed, you got no seed
  • So your family creed will be ceased like you can't skeet
  • And nobody wants a child to a broke nobody
  • A car might as well have ran over your sack, street vasectomy


  • You're so Snoozy that you can't even walk
  • You're rap's so bad you should just talk
  • This rap will chew you like corn
  • These lyrics'll make you wish you weren't born
  • Your brain just makes you dumber and your lyrics are weak
  • Whenever you rap your butt goes creak
  • You just got burned like roasting meat
  • I'm coming at you and you can't take the heat
  • Whenever you rap your brain will just lag
  • And when you rap you rap like a fag

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