Battles  PsychoPuppet vs Snoozy


Come at me.

Max of 16 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • Round 3
  • Fills me with glee
  • You're gonna have trouble winning against me
  • Cause your lyrics are crap
  • When you sit in Snata's lap
  • Tell him what you want for for Christmas
  • Is to learn to rap
  • When I take you down
  • The Good Rap's hotline is where you'll call
  • I'm gonna deflate your brains
  • Like a Patriots football
  • And now for the mass
  • Of all the rap out there
  • I'm gonna kick your ass
  • Destroy you like a bear


  • "Yawwwwwn" what did I just read? You're making me Snoozy
  • But I'll still verbally assault yee for round three
  • Lame BrainBusta, the double B wants some of me
  • I'll make all my twelve syllable lines sucker free
  • Bitch I got Mrs. Clause sitting on my lap to clap
  • For my raps while yo sack got the clap to the max
  • You've continued to battle the Snooze, always lose
  • You want me to come at you, but I don't want the clap dude
  • So now we in a feud, with yo rude point of view
  • When the third person voters know what they should do
  • Move yo cursor a degree and click my vote cube
  • Before I give you a pedigree, Triple H dog food
  • You're voting against me in all of my battles
  • You're choking against me in all of our battles
  • I'm going against yee like any of it matters
  • I'm smoking attempt three like all the blunt rappers

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