Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


Smoke some good bud then write a 16 line diss and battle me with it.

Max of 16 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • I have got bars, great ones. You go to bars, gay ones
  • I go to bars, straight ones. You have got bars, lame ones
  • I have smoked n toked the dankest green ever seen
  • While you wrote n choked the stankest scheme ever dreamed
  • I have achieved my weed spiritually through peace and greed
  • You plucked wannabe weed literally through the Evergreens
  • Smoke til' I can't function with my piece from Jamaica Junction
  • Then I'm (crunchin') kids like you like I'm making lunch and munchin
  • Out don't doubt my ability to destroy your dignity bitch
  • I heavily disagree with showing you some sympathy bitch
  • You're technically a chick literally no dick trilogy bitch
  • You had the (Liberty) to decline this battle, but I chased you down in the Eclipse
  • I will instantly drop your roach ass like you the ash from a blunt
  • If you had a show, I'd get more attention smokin hash in the front
  • You're just a runt compared to me you the size of a hair on a cunt
  • I'll have your crowd mid-orgasm screaming "Oh yes Snoozy that's what we want"


  • You're going down
  • You better frown
  • I'm gonna knock you to the ground
  • And pound
  • Out your insides
  • Besides
  • Your lyrics suck
  • When you battle me you'll have bad luck
  • Your rap is bad
  • Awfully dreadful
  • And I'm glad
  • I don't have my head full
  • Of crap
  • Go take a nap
  • And while you sleep it seems
  • That I'm comin' into your worst dreams

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