Battles  PsychoPuppet vs Snoozy


Round 6(finally)!!!!!

Max of 18 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • You Snoozy
  • You're going to losey
  • And your mind is pooey
  • It's a phooey
  • That you're never gonna crush me here
  • While I blast my rhymes into your ear
  • I'm so lyr-
  • ical
  • Gonna win this battle
  • Cause the best rap is in my soul
  • And all you ever do is mine coal
  • I'll get to my goal
  • And I'll win
  • When you rap you're committing sin
  • You're so weak you cry when you touch a pin
  • I'm gonna win this time
  • Because I can actually rhyme


  • I murder pussy! You better call the cops
  • Muff burger cookie! Aint nobody giving you props
  • Just people giving you lots of cocks and tape and socks
  • so you cant tape your response stuck in a paradox while they rape your box
  • In very unorthodox ways of saying it, your raps ain't saying shit
  • Theyre just lame you bitch when you playem' I get pissed, their gay and unfit
  • You're like a homosexual on the Biggest Loser, fatass taking it up the pooper
  • My rhymes are super cooler freezing your future sooner keeping me leaping like a puma
  • You're crazier than Medusa, I'm lazier than Buddha, but I could shoot ya
  • But the closest thing to action you ever get is movies and eating at Hooters
  • You suck worse than Dracula, I'm spectacula, got more stamina than a tarantula
  • I'm fancier and happier, I fancy your a quiet nerd. A coward bastard that got devoured fast
  • So now your sour mad because you young enough to live in the sour patch
  • You just giggle and laugh when you write lyrics trying to attack but you lack
  • The strength to do more than scratch but you keep wanting a rematch
  • You're attached to my mountain and I'm raining Ls on you like an avalanche

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