Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


Round 2 Get stoned as fuck Write 16 lines

Max of 16 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • Yo I'm stopped at a red light just trying to go to bed right
  • Thats when BrainBusta rolls up and starts flashing his headlights
  • For the first time ever he caught my attention when he mentioned
  • About how his weed is stenchin' and it's always the freshest
  • That's when he whoops out this ancient bag of shwag and takes a drag
  • His eyes don't go red but he acting like he's a bad little lad
  • And now he's during burnouts in front of my grandparents' pad
  • Little did he know, my great grandad was experienced in combat (R.I.P B-Raab)
  • B Raab got mad and grabbed his shotgun all sawed off and shit
  • This Buster still tried talking shit, B Raab aimed and just shot the shit
  • He'll bust ya brain, you obnoxious bitch. You're lucky yo car blocked the clip
  • He's just insane, through diagnostics which you can blame on the narcotics kid
  • This is when you get wrecked right into a tree also where my eyes can see
  • As you start to get beat down by a ninety year old and me.
  • B-Raab decides he's gonna go drink a fourty. N make some coffee
  • Leaves me to dispose of the body. So I just burnt you in front of everybody


  • It's round 2
  • Everyone one you see you make them feel blue
  • You're so weak
  • You jump when someone whispers boo
  • I'm gonna attack you like the flu
  • Make you go achoo
  • Crap is what makes up your brain
  • As soon as you were born everyone's life was a pain
  • I'm gonna strike you down like lightning
  • And my rap's so dope it's frightening
  • You're gonna be sniped
  • And wiped
  • Like poop
  • Your brain is gloop
  • And the mind-blowing crap you just heard is Brain Busta
  • You're a 3-year-old girl and I'm a hustla

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