Battles  PsychoPuppet vs Snoozy


Round 7

Max of 16 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • Yo Snoozy I'm coming to your door
  • Want some more?
  • I'm hardcore
  • Like a character in folklore
  • You poor
  • Fool
  • Can't even swim in the pool
  • You always cruel
  • And all you ever eat is gruel
  • I rule
  • This land as the king
  • And I'm the most awesome thing
  • With a ton of bling
  • The search engine you use is Bing
  • I'm the coolest rapper in the world
  • And when everyone saw you they hurled


  • I got lead feet that will put you in a dead sleep
  • These truly will help keep you wrapping in bed sheets
  • You gonna get fed meat that only the deaf eat
  • If I havn't had said beef you will still taste defeat (da feet)
  • Like you got a foot in your mouth, what's that about?
  • Took a look at your spouse, she got crooked eyebrows
  • Abundant hairs round her mouth, singing songs of the South
  • My homie Kid Rock stuck his hand up her blouse.. "WOW!!"
  • "The devil had a cause to create this Magnum sized madam"
  • And she's big as a linebacker in Madden
  • Now BrainBusta is acting saddened like I imagined
  • He just can't fathom that battling this fire breathing Dragon
  • Will just produce lashes in his record that got me laughing
  • And scorch massive masses of his not so massive attraction
  • That's right I'm attacking all of the fans that you're lacking
  • They want me more like cereal, they screamin "Crunchatize me Captain!"

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