Battles  Snoozy vs PsychoPuppet


Battle Rap. 16 lines.

Max of 18 lines


Snoozy won this battle!


  • When it comes to cakes, I'm ice cream and you're a cup
  • When it comes to names, I'm nice dream and you're a fuck
  • Yo let's play some games, like I mean let's get you duffed
  • So let's raise the stakes, when I beat you gimme coco puffs
  • You gots to be cookoo to battle Snoozy Snooz dude
  • I have got more character than the Loony Tunes do
  • I am not some amateur that you're used to battling
  • I spit hot burning flares atcha then I'm glad I win
  • The only time you shoot flares is when you're signaling for help
  • Which is what you're doing there when you finish fingering yourself
  • To my written work you sickening twerp who loves fisting turds
  • Until his midget pecker squirts while listening to my words
  • This dumb absurd punk nerd is trying to rumble in the jungle
  • With this Lion but he only stumbled, tumbled, and fumbled
  • I picked it up now I'm running for the touchdown on yo mom's blouse
  • Got to her son's house and made you sit the fuck down while I take her to fuck town.


  • You've won the past few times but this round is mine
  • Because I'm gonna put you in a blender and grind
  • You into little pieces just like I will in this battle
  • While you just sit down and wail like a baby with a rattle
  • Gonna throw you miles away with my baseball mitt
  • But nobody will catch you cause you smell like horse shit
  • Gonna leave you in a pit
  • Where you're gonna get bit
  • And eaten by a pack of wolves
  • While I rap out these killer lyrics and stay in one whole
  • Gonna mine you like coal
  • With my lyrics that are so groovy
  • I'm sending to hell a rapper named Snoozy
  • This time I will definitely win
  • Gonna stuff you in a trash bin
  • And wipe the silly grin off your chin

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