Top 100 Raps on RapPad in 2019

B219 props Recorded
//Verse One
I've got a bottomless pit of rage take a page
From the rap sages book look your shook
It only took my flow for me to fuckin show
... and 82 more lines
by ScotlandsGreatest
4 months ago 
A187 props 
Clawing through my enemies like I'm Wolverine, raps on fire as if it's kerosene,
I am a survivor like [Katniss Everdeen], although the grass around me ain't evergreen,
I don't smoke THC, [cat piss is never clean], I don't drink lean, I'll rather drown in gasoline,
hate comments bouncing off me like people on a trampoline, I'm as berserk as a killing machine,
... and 12 more lines
by Sentricus
6 months ago 
A+114 props Recorded
Shooting bricks from my space ship, I'm not here to waste clips
I'm just here to test tricks, and take dips, with chained limbs
Oh man you thinking what is this flow-ery
Neo is a joke to me, is there even poetry
... and 12 more lines
by Neo-Arno
4 months ago 
Welcome To The Rodeo- AleXanderrRay
92 props Recorded
Intro: One thing I’ve learned this past year... sacrifices, sacrifices.
Verse: Caught a case back in October,
now a Nigga fully sober,
got my mind up, found some closure,
... and 48 more lines
by AleXanderrRay
6 months ago 
The Goat
B90 props Recorded
Smoke roll like a chimney,
From the backwoods and the gun,
If you fuckin with my fam
I brought the mask to have some fun.
... and 38 more lines
by Ill_Product
about 1 month ago 
No Rivals
89 props Recorded
I'm in my playhouse, I got the bag now
They used to laugh then, now its sad how, now they backed out
Their is no way in, their is no way out
they just switchen for clout, I just made my route
... and 22 more lines
by user703271886
7 months ago 
The Introduction (fixed + effects by Neo-Arno)
87 props Recorded
I hate the way I turned out, boy im burnt out got these words in my head but cant turn a verse out and its worse now I don’t want to talk...
Now im powerless to do, anything about it surrounded by these demons I can never even count em now im doubting everything am I awake?? bu...
But this motherfucker who is causing ruckus we were brothers you aint never loved us you were undercovers you were telling me me everybod...
Now I shoulda,woulda,coulda, took a leg an pull another diligently telling me to give up and discover enemies are everywhere come n get u...
... and 9 more lines
by Enxiajay
4 months ago 
waste my time
85 props Recorded
i just wanna waste my time with you
maybe you could waste some time
with me
Cmon baby kill my lonely
... and 12 more lines
by Mac
3 months ago 
Taking it back official Video
85 props Recorded
Barraka-Taking it back Featuring Matterphor,
Dekay,DFect,Akwa man, Mico prod by DJdownlow
by Matterphor_UK
4 months ago 
Lying Bastards
A-81 props 
So coming here at a few Bitches,
Listen my Nigga ill be Flippin some switches,
Listen what goes through your mind is how much you love jake paul the-
"Wannabe in Digit's," Keep chatting shit I'm feelin Suspicious, not like erin-
... and 27 more lines
by Goatz
4 months ago 
A75 props Recorded
Yo, It's an ex/X when I'm looking at my blocked list
Said he wanna work it out, I gave him CrossFit
I'm still the flyest in the game like a rocket
I'm Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
... and 25 more lines
by The-Jaguar
4 months ago 
365 - Daril x Hugwop x Broke Money (prod. WhiteFoxll)
B-75 props Recorded
(Hook): Daril
365 girl you're on my mind
Treat me like a landslide
You decline
... and 66 more lines
by Daril
5 months ago 
pull up (prod. NiNETY8)
B69 props Recorded
I got no crimes, that’s no misdemeanor
Talking all that shit, now is you listening, uh
Pity all fools just like I’m Mr. T, uh
... and 41 more lines
by Whit
about 1 month ago 
"Money Surrounding Me"
B+68 props 
Money's everywhere I go, whether it's sleeping, relaxing & the basic routines
[We're the Kings, fucking these uncivilized Queens]
I don't need no kind of "Expensive Fortunes" To determine if i'm rich or not, [Fuck the Limousines](Since Limousines are hella expensive,...
Don't hate a nigga superior compared to you, go climb any rare trees with [Jack](Jack and the Beanstalk), go find your beans
... and 14 more lines
by -FlyMelodic-
4 months ago 
Going The Distance
68 props Recorded
Verse 1:
No sleep and no slick eyes
Signed and sealed by demeanors still content with demise
Opinions presented with so much to hide
... and 40 more lines
by KevinJunior
5 months ago 
Positive Energy By StormTheArsonist
A-67 props 
i'm sick of hearing how many people hate me/
it no longer phazes me, cause i've been ignoring it lately/
this hatred for me, has made me, a stronger person daily/
... and 50 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
2 months ago 
B+64 props 
My inspirations are JuzTrae and Tyrrantxx, I am here to start Doomsday and you better be compliant,
I'll break the vertebrae of the defiant, corpse left to decay, you see I'm a giant.
I want to be like Maverick or D-Rex, I'll break the haters like a toothpick and prove that I'm big as a T-Rex,
going on a rampage like a lunatic, killing those rappers who do nothing but flex.
... and 94 more lines
by Sentricus
7 months ago 
6. Vice... [Interlude] (Prod. by The Herbaliser)
B+64 props Recorded
[Intro: Reefer Madness]
Well, the coming thing! Nice kids. No trouble to anyone
Just a harmless evening smoking pot
and each one is sure he won't get hooked.
... and 40 more lines
by CA_Renegade
5 months ago 
thoughts w/ tomcbumpz
C+63 props Recorded
walking down the street alone
boulevard of broken dreams
It seems I’m living in my own
fill the void by writing songs
... and 27 more lines
by Mac
about 2 months ago 
Noise Pollution
63 props Recorded
"this is a safety announcement"
But we are the safest around so
If privacy is the price they claim,
I am not paying their ransom. No
... and 90 more lines
by Trusc
2 months ago 
Lady in Black (ft. Charle$ and Kristaleyezed)
B+63 props Recorded
something’s sinister, with the way that she walks
chemicals administered, she’s always in my thoughts
just picture her, you know how she talks
... and 89 more lines
by Pagliacci
2 months ago 
A-63 props
A feeling of Antecedent
Something to Cultivate the Seeds of Hate
Grown into A Fresh Plate of Repugnance
Malignity in Abundance
... and 17 more lines
by ParraDoxx
3 months ago 
All Things Must Pass (prod. by iinfynite)
B+63 props Recorded
[George Harrison Interview]
Sit down, cross legs, take breaths
Listen to the mind, run on like tape decks
... and 71 more lines
by Pagliacci
4 months ago 
B+62 props Recorded
I'm disconnected
never been accepted
always been rejected
never been respected
... and 60 more lines
by TrippieMiraa
2 months ago 
B61 props 
Just got to Flip the Switches, After roasting 2 bitches, Callin my mind the-
"Witness," Hol'd up vwokee I ain't fucking Finished, How could you move to-
"Jake," and feel Extinguished, Popular online dater You call that Business,?
Chattin to much shit about your dad gettin a Sanction, Cunt wonder how-
... and 27 more lines
by Goatz
3 months ago 
Resist Her Storm
A61 props 
you keep hinting you want me, knowing someone else got me/
and yet, that isn't stopping you in hopes it isn't stopping me/
it's crazy but as i pass i can feel you watching me/
... and 37 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
5 months ago 
wings (prod. GodzaRt)
A58 props Recorded
//Verse 1
What’s the word, seen so many niggas sold out
They say they loyal and they claim that they be so down
Now the only friend that I hang wit is a rope now
... and 37 more lines
by Whit
2 months ago 
Legacy | Kings Never Die Remix
B+58 props 
Everyone thinkin Kindness is Weakness then i come around wit Meanness
Your above Rate genius coming to leave em Speechless
Have em Delirious im Insidious while being ghostly Mysterious One Brush with Death
... and 84 more lines
by MugShotz
5 months ago 
redRaps - Heartless (Ft. Jennah Amin)
B-58 props Recorded
[Verse 1 - 0:17]
Being honest Red, I've been feeling like an object
Feeling like this led, to me getting, really upset
I know that you're stressed, but love is commitment
... and 75 more lines
by Redza
6 months ago 
The Chronic
B57 props Recorded
//Verse 1 0:20-0:59//
Working hard takes alittle patience
Takes time with alittle maintenance
For better flows rhymes and cadence
... and 43 more lines
by NextApollo
13 days ago 
Life Veteran (pt. 2)
A-57 props
you be attentive my rhymes carry the matches
Not trying to be disincentive but I bury you then I bury the hatchet
Just because you talking drugs, doesn't give me an impression
The only white you got is really an ovulation
... and 16 more lines
by Neo-Arno
6 months ago 
Cunts f.t Asaad_King
B+56 props 
Fuckin it out here with Asaad My G, Rappin out here which My Boy Agree's,
I'll be roasting these bitches with a Super Spiral, Ain't no cunt's takin me-
"Not a Survival," Looking like this Bitch came From the River Nile,
Don't assume Being stupid, but got no Vocals to make a Title, I'll come like a-
... and 47 more lines
by Goatz
29 days ago 
B+56 props Recorded
I done lost so much time
I don’t got no more left in mind
Kept composure, well I tried
Feeling like a soldier left behind
... and 97 more lines
by SeaJay
6 months ago 
The End
B+56 props Recorded
Hoppin' over potholes
Eurosteps and Greek taco's
Cheese, chasing chips no nacho's
We was finna dip when the cops showed
... and 29 more lines
by MS_Paint
6 months ago 
Highs & Lows
B56 props Recorded
See, I about broke my spine
Carrying weight on my back from the person I was in the past
I wouldn’t last, if I didn’t have this music shit to get me up and get me off of my ass
Depressions a bitch
... and 32 more lines
by CosmoXV
6 months ago 
Failed Suicide
B-55 props 
Wrist with multiple cuts
Door locked and shut
When's God gonna start healing
When is their no more suffering
... and 40 more lines
by BloodlessGekko
3 months ago 
B55 props Recorded
Draw me in with your lust yeah
Hold me close, let me go
... and 43 more lines
by AViT
3 months ago 
B55 props Recorded
Cocaine in my ass.
Cross that border, get my cash
Make a mad dash
... and 86 more lines
4 months ago 
Flat Circle Music Video
55 props Recorded
I'm Infinite. I'm a Rapper / Producer / Video Editer.
This music video is metaphorically showing how monotonous my life in
a restricted county that I'm stuck in is like, and
in other words it's like a Flat Circle.
... and 12 more lines
by -Infinite-
6 months ago 
Work On Dat
B+54 props Recorded
She ain't got no ass
(But we'll work on dat)
hommie send me some beats
(I'm trying to work on dat)
... and 50 more lines
by Mubarik
29 days ago 
broken romance ft. lexi
54 props Recorded
she ask me
where you at?
I been on the phone too long
we been on the go too long
... and 22 more lines
by Mac
5 months ago 
A53 props Recorded
Failure is my nemesis, tailored as an emissary
Sent with the precipice to carry the mission to scare me
I’m the visionary yet you dare to compare me
... and 31 more lines
by uglyfresh
6 months ago 
(ft. BELLVADEAR & Spartan) - life (B)VeteraNS
B+51 props
So these thoughts get so rambunctious half says danger, the other saying fuck this, scared or brave, dead or alive, what defines death an...
Feels like I get trap'd in my own webs, trip and bust my face on my own steps.
So many curses it's like I'm walking fire, torch all I touch burn my own empires, climbed to high and jumped I just wasn't a flyer.
... and 56 more lines
by Neo-Arno
5 months ago 
A+51 props 
[Hook 1:13]
Thought I could love you
Thought I could trust you
... and 62 more lines
by SadKills
6 months ago 
Luna Snow
B51 props
Hi, I'm Luna Snow, I make blizzards, avalanches and glaciers,
I'm anonymous like John Doe, I have the power of wizards, launchers and saviours,
I like all things Frosty, I like ice, if you like warm, you lost me, get out of my eyes,
I might be Elsa with a disguise, if you are someone I despise, get ready for your demise,
... and 5 more lines
by Luna-Snow
7 months ago 
B+51 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
Pop shit, drop hits. I don't got time let a clock tick (bow)
When i spit exotic ima profit off it cuz im sick (yeah)
... and 46 more lines
by KingKelo
7 months ago 
50 props Recorded
You’d rather diss someone on Twitter than be a man about it
I’m fuckin serious nigga
“No girls part 2” my ass
You as Ososy as it gets
... and 102 more lines
by Big_RESS
3 months ago 
Mans Calm
B+50 props Recorded
look at me now, mans calm
lookin at brand new benz cars
mans calm mans calm
you thought that was a par, nah that's calm
... and 68 more lines
by Predz
30 days ago 
Ties & Suits
C+50 props Recorded
We're not free.
They locked us with the key.
On a boat that's trapped at sea.
... and 62 more lines
by RDR3
4 months ago 
BROKEN WING (prod. heyjose21)
B+50 props Recorded
New love, old shoes, cold snow froze through
Black and blue soul sold just so I could know you
Looking out the second story window of this house
... and 30 more lines
by CreamCityCannibal
5 months ago 
Love with Drugs ft. Kazuya
B50 props
Many things done for a girl, was it all worth, so we could
Only get high of our love, you drive me so insane that
I hit an overdose, your my life, my cocaine that goes
... and 32 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
6 months ago 
Sundown Remix
B50 props Recorded
Had to do this fucking track for my hometown
I would say that I'm like Jack but he's grown now
You're messing with my gang that's a fucking throw down
Everyone is speeding up no time to slow down
... and 28 more lines
by CB3
6 months ago 
Hell Of A Team By Storm, Ft Bxile, NorStar
A-49 props 
StormTheArsonist Verse: Begins 0:12 second mark. g
Lyrical poison, The Chosen has em frozen/
moments golden, titles stolen and streaks broken/
Leaving them with heads swollen, fuck my opponent /
... and 109 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
22 days ago 
B49 props Recorded
I’m not really sure how to say this
My feelings for you undebatable
I look in your eyes
You look into mine and I’m wasted
... and 72 more lines
by SeaJay
about 1 month ago 
Black and White Poetry (part 1)
B49 props
Time we open our hearts and mind and realise for generations we have been blind,
Confined to the lie thats its black and white and not just mankind,
Climbing the same mountain but left our black brethren behind,
theres no apologies that can fix what happened before and during the sixties,
... and 13 more lines
by WCR
about 1 month ago 
Family Feud By Storm
A-49 props 
( StormTheArsonist REMIX Verse 14 Bars)
0.08 second mark
Oh Oh, it seems like the mood has swung from when we were young,/
times changed....turn the page, 2 children sprung with screaming lungs /
... and 52 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
5 months ago 
Let's do it. ( Ft TrillMong )
A+49 props 
(StormTheArsonist Verse )
i got another vet watching, feeling brave knocking, /
beats popping, coming for my plate but i'm starving/
Mad cause I got what he's wanting, /
... and 45 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
6 months ago 
B49 props 
///Intro starts in @ 0:08///
looking for the Escape
Maybe will the Tape Rewind all box but i lost the mind of a Box
Every time my eyes close i see a dark image in my mind made solid not rocks
... and 150 more lines
by MugShotz
7 months ago 
Twisted lines By StormTheArsonist ft Trilluminatii
A-48 props 
0:22 StormTheArsonist Verse
My flow is ageless for its time, dangerous with the rhymes/
with the word play i slay victims with rhythms that'll play with your mind/
with 15 bars im ripping through lines, making headlines, getting mine/
... and 42 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
18 days ago 
Summer Season
48 props Recorded
Summer the season gettting cuffed up is not for me
i ring her phone the father there can I talk to ya daughter please
Finna link up? kick it smoke a bowl until we get lifted off
premium product promise it make ya eyes go criss cross
... and 21 more lines
by Soby
18 days ago 
Neo-Arno & The Saturnian - Ready Or Not
A48 props 
// INTRO: Are we... ready or not? Am I.... ready with my questions? Am I... ready for... the answers? *beat drop* 0:37
// Neo-Arno Verse
These psycho times. turned my bars into recycle lines
True I bust the rhymes[.](Yeah I bust the rhymes, rhyme schemes etc) but the sun thrusts the eyes[.](the sun thrusts the eyes because I'm...
... and 31 more lines
by Neo-Arno
2 months ago 
Peace of mind
B-48 props Recorded
You don’t want all of me
Like the olive in the drink
there’s just one of me
steady temple gets you stuttering
... and 63 more lines
by Endo626
3 months ago 
48 props Recorded
Break it down and synthesize my poetic verse,
A mystic guy with written lines that lift you like smoking herb,
I can spit your rhymes before you actually wrote the verse,
Indelible words drop like sledgehammers and broke the curb,
... and 33 more lines
by Setukh
4 months ago 
Oochie Wally Freestyle
B+47 props Recorded
It’s been a little while since I’ve spit some rhymes
Sometimes it takes time just to clear my mind
But I’m, back in my prime, such a feeling divine
... and 53 more lines
by The-Jaguar
2 months ago 
$ANDVSKI (feat. Lil Coni) [prod. by Havoc]
A-47 props Recorded
[Lil Coni]
Fill up the cup, and I open soundcloud
Turn up and bump, till it get too loud
Click for a bit, just to see how it sound
... and 34 more lines
by Pagliacci
3 months ago 
47 props Recorded
Sentimental when I put the metal to your mental
Sent a menace who gone threaten, got a sense of misdirection
Been the centre of attention, sentenced to my own intention
Set to celebrate perfection once I settle all my debts away
... and 76 more lines
by SeaJay
4 months ago 
B47 props Recorded
Fuck all the politic
I give a fuck bout apologies
I’m at the point where like everything bother me
I’m an anomaly
... and 25 more lines
5 months ago 
A+47 props Recorded
Y'all litty kitties retarded,
Y'all flame. I'm Retardant.
curdled cartilage hardened,
all skin and bones starving,
... and 20 more lines
by MS_Paint
5 months ago 
On These Streets By Storm
B+47 props 
My hearts jumping, while the inner me is suffering/
im self destructing, while my confidence is crushing/
and while i'm trying my best to amount to something/
my uncle tells me how i'll never amount to nothing/
... and 53 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
5 months ago 
Ikari freestyle
46 props Recorded
Switch on the captions in the video for the lyrics!
Check it out!!!
by Voltaage
25 days ago 
Purple Rain
C+46 props Recorded
Champagne toast you flyer Air Force run a way
2 step close get caught up in the little things
You ain't know prince died off pills and purple rain
What you hate most you always come and do again
... and 67 more lines
by Kro
about 1 month ago 
Nightmare On Shush Street
B-46 props Recorded
Freakin longass churros
Goin all gangsta on this one
Watch out little BITCH
... and 132 more lines
by Big_RESS
2 months ago 
Lost in the labyrinth
A-46 props
Lost in the labyrinth of my own consciousness
Running without direction in search of repentance, in a minute of silence pondering
In the days of desperation, trying to find vocation
Tired of being without direction, tired of getting crossed
... and 27 more lines
by Neo-Arno
4 months ago 
Coke Bottle Bitch
46 props Recorded
This goin out to my dream woman
Whoever u may be
She a coke bottle bitch
... and 144 more lines
by Big_RESS
5 months ago 
Release the Ego (prod. by uglyfresh)
B+46 props Recorded
Illegal cigars lit, cruising in our star ship
Bars spit, even tho we know it’s garbage
We just bullshitting, Bowl hittin, roll with it
So listen, cause these rhymes will leave your dome splittin
... and 28 more lines
by Pagliacci
5 months ago 
46 props Recorded
Verse 1.
Last night , I spoke a prayer ----- in the name of you
Cause as of lately it’s been hard for me to see this through
It’s kinda crazy, when all your feelings have been removed
... and 46 more lines
by JoshuaThompson
5 months ago 
When I Die
B+45 props Recorded
Hook (The Notorious B.I.G. sample)
When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell, cause I’m a piece of shit, it ain’t hard to fuckin’ tell (x4)
Verse 1
Days spent braindead with the same stress, crave death
... and 55 more lines
by Myki
19 days ago 
GoodVibe$ (feat. MC-Akwerd)
B+45 props Recorded
Take a little hit, Light a little spliff, Riding on a rollercoaster
Yo im feeling pretty sick
Take a little hit, Light a little spliff, Riding on a rollercoaster
Yo im feeling pretty sick
... and 54 more lines
by BlakeForNow
3 months ago 
Commas Feat. Whit. (Prod. Yung Pear)
45 props Recorded
[Lyrics Soon]
by Whit
4 months ago 
Go Figure
45 props Recorded
Verse 1:
Am I a rebel
Did I have to slay a couple several
Chxno really back and its settled
... and 71 more lines
by KevinJunior
4 months ago 
Plot Thickens (Feat NorStar-AKA-Grimm)
A-45 props 
(StormTheArsonist Verse:)
Gather up the family ,we got a conference to call!
this is war!!!!
I can't take this nonsense any more.
... and 73 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
7 months ago 
B-44 props Recorded
Oh my God imma god yea i got it goin on
Sticky in the box with the red dot on,
For the haters tryin shit cause they jelly of the flow
Boy they dont even know,
... and 35 more lines
by Ill_Product
about 2 months ago 
Deny us
44 props Recorded
Listen to audio
by Derek4REAL
5 months ago 
Rabbit Hole (Shroom Tales Vol. 1) [prod. by Perspektivist]
B+43 props Recorded
The other day we was walking public park,
Rolled a dub, into blunt, and then bud was sparked,
Lewis and clark, and we brought a bag of mushrooms
Soon after, consumed, the feeling became so bizzare
... and 43 more lines
by Pagliacci
16 days ago 
Back To The Love
43 props Recorded
A lot of ways and no explanation
A lot of y'all living with desperation
Man these niggas is way too fickle, i shake my head at them
I'm really disappointed, y'all coulda just did better
... and 30 more lines
by KevinJunior
3 months ago 
Tripping ft. Potentially Potent
A+43 props Recorded
Wanna be a rich outlaw pissing Cristal flow,
remote home in a big chateau.
Living off dough from a quick download,
sitting bored so I'm going like Vince Van Gogh.
... and 28 more lines
by Sutherland
3 months ago 
B43 props 
yeah yeah
i don't know how to let go of it
i don't even know how to picture it
hearing people advising me just to forget it
... and 29 more lines
by mkg
5 months ago 
How Come (prod. Yusei x Seph)
42 props Recorded
Verse 1:
How come you don't leave him
You don't even need him
... and 54 more lines
by Daril
6 days ago 
B+42 props Recorded
i got liquor in my system,
cigaretes to keep me breathing,
ive got no fucking patience,
so dont keep me fuckin waiting,
... and 12 more lines
by 11hrsleft
25 days ago 
Suicide Note
B-42 props 
[Umma be honest wit you.]
[Umma keep it one huned.]
... and 71 more lines
by -BMak
6 months ago 
Hell's Kitchen Freestyle
B+41 props Recorded
Yes i got yo bitch but i dont got a condom
Get power when im puffin on blossom/
Saucin and flossing/
Bitch i am so awesome/
... and 28 more lines
by Assholeeric
about 1 month ago 
B41 props Recorded
Women been clouding my thoughts
It’s like I’ve been thinkin in pink
I think I’m attracted to thots
but what can I say
... and 69 more lines
by plsrevive
about 2 months ago 
A+41 props Recorded
I can feel the distance, distance
Tell me why you trippin? listen
I've been on my mission, mission
... and 57 more lines
by Lucxs
3 months ago 
TJ BENZ- Rose Like A Flower
41 props Recorded
Just copped a black on black Mercedes Benz
That shit look like a Ethiopian
Im wit a girl, and she Cambodian
I ankor wat my yacht like a Cambodian
... and 22 more lines
5 months ago 
Truth Spoken ( Ft Brooklyn Vandal )
B41 props 
( 0:24 Brooklyn Vandal Verse )
I've been in hibernation watching this nation unprepared for what their facing
while many are chasing pointless dreams, that'll never be redeem,
almost like it's make believe, and a part of their imagination,
... and 49 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
6 months ago 
Im Gone
41 props Recorded
verse 1
This my game a barely give it effort but i body every track somebody
bring in a stretcher. you was sittin at the bar i was listen to lectures
questioning professors. like if everything ends what really means forever
... and 17 more lines
by MatthewGunz
7 months ago 
redRaps - Lxve (Official Music Video)
B41 props Recorded
[Verse 1 - 0:24]
Bumping all my records in the front seat
My homies say I need to slow it down, that kinda talking got me angry
Y'all won't understand the kinda goals, I work towards to
... and 40 more lines
by Redza
5 months ago 
happy i guess
A+41 props Recorded
if, i was a kid
i'll identify as
ike mumbling
and i guess
... and 65 more lines
about 1 month ago 
That What I Need
40 props Recorded
That What I Need
by Lil_Sparxxx
4 months ago 
Desperado (Prod. By Frankee Montana)
B+40 props 
I'm swervin when I'm drivin, say I'm going too reckless
I'm servin they dining, know that imma bout to wreck this
Keep em all in line like Columbine, calling shots is my directive
I'm rapping fine in my rapping lines, got em grouped at the collective
... and 56 more lines
by HusL
5 months ago 

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