Wrestling With The Devil

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23 and settled in a cycle of sin,
That Monthly check, mothers money, hit the isle with gin,
Euphoric state, its pure bliss, sit, smile and sip,
Now Is a drink, just too much, don’t unleash the addict
Gotta a job it is fun to the teacher not the kid
Know a parent put em in it for a break from they shit
Yea the pays real good, but the soul is unstable
Do the things they ask or take a cut to the payroll
Express interest in a woman for sex
Didnt know she a had heart, until u took it and left
Now she wanna prove to you she the best
But you know you ain’t in it for her or the next
eating three meals, desire them muscle details,
skinny stick boy could die of lacking b-12,
Meat gon bad plus the twenty dollar cheese smell
Stoop eating out, spend more bills than a girl at retail
Inside of my head
Im just wrestling with the devil inside of my head
Inside of my head
Im just wrestling with the devil up inside of my head
Nice knowing that the knowledge in the noggins of use
When u told a college education nothing to toot
Post another ad to write a paper for a grand or two
Clientelle be happy when they pass a class with 92
Business minded
live in the city but don’t pay a dime
Found some occupants that cover the cost of the unit signed
To be honest its a little sketchy the moral ethics
Till u ponder bout them options got to build up that credit
god, is it not
That spark the reflective thoughts
Pens hot from the friction of lyrics
That Get dropped
Mind trick devils sittin in the black ink blot
Wrestling with the devil till my white ass drop

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