Noise Pollution

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"this is a safety announcement"
But we are the safest around so
If privacy is the price they claim,
I am not paying their ransom. No
I am not taking their chances So
I am just breaking not dancing, no
Cameras camming my every move
They're filming me like I'm handsome. Oh
"24 Hour CCTV"
24 Hour Security jeez
24 Hour live stream me please
For 24 hours let me be me please
Ain't straight out the gate mate
You know it crept up
If you don't speak in protest
You know you let them
All they take of our face
They're the soul collectors
This ain't for safety,
As they don't protect us
Leacherous leaches
Lecterns and speaches
Lept out the lane
To lead na lease us
Long live the lepers
While they lynch and leave us
Used abused
Till police delete us
I'm coming right down
No need for reefers
When I speak on a beat
These Gs believe us
See peeps need leaders
To loosen leashes
We ain't your bitches
So don't mistreat us
Fake news and double speak
Hate spews from who loves to speak
Don't chase views, don't run the street
But make tunes, I'm one to beat
I'm running campaigns while
You're running away
But you're running in vain
When there's guns in play
Blue black, blue black
Police and bruises
Two back to back
Siren's music
Name ain't Susan,
Don't speak to Fate
May share their names
Don't believe in Saints
Make my own plays
I still hear the greats
But no ghost writers
don't believe in fakes.
Won't agree to wait
Don't believe in breaks
No pleas to make
No please to state
Not pleased to say
The police state
Take the peace away
Thats the pee they take
It's a piece of cake
I'm peaved with mates
Can't appease me mate
It just appears fake
You wanna peck or a peek at a pecan cake
You must be nuts, it's a poisoned plate
So what should I say hey,
Let them eat cake?
Don't be crazy
Don't eat the bait
Don't plead the fifth mate,
I speak my shit. Hate
Those who need some tips
It's a piece of piss, wait.
I've give a quick jab
They're the legal pricks, hey
With the noise pollution
It's creeping in mate
Ignore and you'll loose eh
It's seeping in mate
There's some Party parellels
So take your pick hey
Who knew that newspeak
Was a new thing
To get you seem
All muted
So here's a new ting
And some new bling
So don't you think
About a thing

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