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You think just because we happen to be the same race
I won't crush this culture, stampede your safe space?
Oopsy, there goes your only means to save face
Made you look in the mirror, look, see, you lames make
Me wanna keep escalating, you know the more you resist
The more data I gather just to destroy you with it
Go ask the people in the bomb shelter, oh wait
I destroyed that whole place, y'all are so backwards
That for me to enlighten you, I gotta throw shade
Use attack words to roast S'more snowflakes
You know the old saying, the truth hurts, doesn't it
You won't admit our race has a problem, you run from it
And blame everyone else, white people, the government
Play the race card so much they make fun of it
I'ma bring this entire House of Cards down
Faster than when Kevin Spacey's career went tumbling
We're not judged anymore strictly cause of pigment
That's a remnant of past times that we lived in
Today, it's cause your personality is sickening
You tell yourself it's racial, cause that's easier to live with
People hate any color that's rude and sassy
Aggressive and angry, this is a truth unmasking
In large groups, you usually ruin what's happening
I bet you what I say will be construed as bashing
That's what y'all do, when confronted with the truth
Move to dismiss, discredit and disapprove
It's like a team effort, "ok man your stations"
"He criticized blacks, so we have to erase him"
And that usually works, but unfortunately for you
You can't defend against the way I'm using these words
Took all your lame excuses and threw it in the dirt
On some level you know my words are true and it hurts
Look up your own city's stats on violent crimes
Defined as, assault, robbery, homicides
Check your local news site, click the crime section
For real, go look, come back, and I'll dissect it
I want the lies ended, you think there's bias in the
Police force, cause more black folks have time spent?
Did you look at the website? Someone died again
Face air brushed on shirts, who's doing the crimes then?
Where's the outrage for that? I thought the lives mattered?
Oh not when you kill each other, ok, double standard
Another thing, let's address the prison population
Stop acting like the numbers are outrageous
The fact that it's disproportionate is not racist
Or systemic bias, where all the cops hate them
The inner city emphasizes fighting and violence
The police are dispatched to the wherever the crime is
Listen, we're molded by the environment we're raised in
So of course a lot of y'all are coming out abrasive
And for some of us, it's like, ok, I made it
But what are you really doing for the culture to save it?
Once you have the means, you move to a place that
Doesn't have the sorta problems the hood is plagued with
That's everyone's goal, I'm trying to get you to see
That all of the problems and the issues that we
Have to deal with, is a case of mistaken identity
That applies to everything, even the little things like
The way the store clerk greeted you, didn't seem right
To the customer before you, they were being nice
But with you, they seemed more formal, didn't they?
Less comfortable, uptight, it's a hidden game
We all play, figuring out, is he cool, or ghetto and rude?
If it's the latter, they're not trying to meddle with you
And that understandably makes you feel resentment
Now you have the exact attitude they're expecting
You confirmed what should've been a wrong impression
Instead, your demeanor makes 'em think you're all aggressive
What I'm trying so desperately to get you to see
Is that everyone's reality is what you perceive
Unless you're a baby, things you see have a history
You can generally read people, it's no mystery
Our life experiences creates a database
From seeing repetition, that's how a pattern's made
Call it a stereotype, that's easy to say
But that's nothing more than a "thought terminating cliche"
And that's any word, a declaration or phrase
That ends discussions, no further examination is made
But let's discuss it, what is a stereotype?
It's an idea you've been conditioned to bury on site
Obviously I'm not saying that you should do it
I'm saying you don't control your feelings on what you're viewing
Review one of the first analogies I ever made
From that first Youtube song, where I tried to demonstrate
That you'll feel a certain way in front of certain types of dogs
You don't control that, not a matter of right and wrong
You can't choose how you feel about most things in life
Let alone things that have established patterns,
So if you're treating 'em right pit bulls are less aggressive
But that's the exception to the rule, so why question
Why even bring that up as if it disproves the rule?
It's a coping method, you deflect it, you choose to fool
Yourself instead of reflecting on the rule, you scramble
Thinking of exceptions to it, that's deceptive stupid
I feel like I'm talking to brain dead sheep
Y'all are too sensitive because of a pain that's deep
I get it, it's almost genetic, a shared trauma
No one wants painful memories of the past brought up
Because of that injustice and lots of tragedies
You conflate that with today, logical fallacy
Ya'll demand respect but you're not respectful
Urban culture is nothing but a rotten cesspool
The music's stupid, that contributes a lot to it
Parents beat their kids cause they're not equipped to talk through it
Y'all can flame me, you know by now I'll walk through it
If I'm a bad guy for pointing out the wrong doing
Then that's my role, only one with the will to act on it
Let's be honest, the only one with the skill to rap on it
You can't live with your own failures, that's why
Whenever it's mentioned, you bury it and say that it's offensive
So the problem stays, you cowards allow it
Help me fix it, instead of looking sour about it
All it would take is one song to go viral
And the revolution starts, status quo goes idle
I'm showing the culture the problem is close by them
You coddle criminals, can't you say we don't like 'em?
Don't act like I only attack, I'm bashing now
But in my first two raps I didn't unload acid rounds
Eating away at you, evil, a savage now
Infiltrate your safe space just to smash it down
I thought that first rap I made, and its sequel
Would start to invigorate a small pocket of people
I thought the information would slowly propagate
I foolishly thought a revolution was on the way
That didn't happen, I'll make this whole thing collapse then
Took all the painful truths you hide from and stacked it
You'll eventually have to face it, I'll keep crushing y'all
Where you can't bear the weight like someone with no patience

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