Battles  QwertyContent vs Dulow


Spend 10 minutes TOPS on yours

Max of 20 lines


Dulow won this battle!


  • Dulow ur gay lul
  • Do low a bad day lol
  • Like c'mon, you said on snapchat ya wanna play wit my dick
  • Like what the fuck, I sat down thinking about how you are sick
  • Corona infested capsule walking around shooting schools
  • Like I invested in actual talking, as you are drowning in polluting pools
  • Like I fuck bad bitches as you try to be a bad bitch
  • I got mad riches as you got no credit, you a mad snitch
  • Snitches get thrown in ditches, no hospital wanna give you stitches
  • Like i've owned my stitches, but your a tropical bitch in glitches
  • Like think here who the fuck got you into rappin? ME


  • Qwerty with a keyboard scrambled, keys kinda hard to handle
  • Just let me give you a lag sample, light you up like a candle
  • You want little girls to follow so you can chat and ask if they wanna fuck, but they are 13
  • They'd just wanna hurl at the rat you are, hopin' that you get struck for certainty
  • Before you say shit, i'm the one here who asks the questions, keep your mouth shut
  • Make your brain get hit, .45 cal to the head by a Smith and Wesson, found dead body in the house cut
  • If you are the G.O.A.T then I must be the lion, top of the chain, bitch, I got a bigger chain
  • If you are tryna G.L.O.A.T and always seem to be lyin' while laying in the rain, i'm rich with and more profane
  • Like stop rapping, you sound like an A.I, you repeatin' the lines like an MPC
  • I'll end your matrix at a late night, you'll be recievin' blow, make you broken PC
  • After all you just a Gay Idiot, wanna be ridin' horse did, old town road
  • You are nothing but a Gay Idiot lul, no need for remorse, leave yo body limp and cold
  • I got 74 keys, gonna break six so you never come back

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